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Your Favorite Teen Grass Dancer and where there from?

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  • Your Favorite Teen Grass Dancer and where there from?

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    Sorry Southernx_hunnie08 I didn't notice that you mad e the same post SORRY!!!


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      They all grew up

      Dang it your asking me to late. LOL all the teen grass dancers I though were HOT are no longer teens. But there is one I could maybe pass for cute, all I know his his first name, and thats Chris. My Neice says the hottest would be Jordan. But all of my true Hot grass dancers are no longer teens or they stopped dancing
      P.S. Chris if you read this, Cheyenne dared me to list you and Jordan, she would like to marry either one of you. OH Yeah his is the Fla area LOL almost forgot
      I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
      I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
      I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
      And tonight it’s only you and me


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        best dancers in grass

        mine is eldon owens and corey etsitty......eldon is from gallup nm....and corey is from pheonix az and i forgot the special someone to me it would be KEVIN AUSTIN
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        WHAT ever U are BE pround OF what U are!!!


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          M*A*H*E*K*A*N A*H*E*N*A*K*E*W

          from Atahtakoop (sp) First Nation
          Saskatchewan Canada
          ~*! Mizz Chantelly Ironchild-Littlecreek *!~

          ~*! Jazzy Cree Style !*~

          ~*! Standing Before The Rain !*~


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            A real Fine teen grassdancer is Charles Windyboy AKA WINDYBOY!!!!!Guy got the looks and the moves.He's a real smooth dancer.He lives in pheonix but originates from montana.Foo' got my vote!!!
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            HoKa hEy GrLz!!! Da SnAgGiN' iS oN!!!!


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              naca charging crow up north somewhere
              a good dancer and good looking all in one!!
              dancing from my heart never looking back at what i could have done always looking ahead to the next song!!!!
              pain is weakness leaving tha body


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                corey esitty is my all time fav teen grass dancer cause he got some smoooooooth moves!!!! I wonder how old he is ?
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                  Top Teen Grass

                  Chaske Valdez - Ethete, WY
                  Wayne Crue - Fort Hall, ID
                  "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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                    Oh yeah, that Charles Windyboy is a very fine teen grassdancer hottie. And what Hummy mention, he lives in phoenix but orginates from montana.


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                      Thank you blue star

                      Thank you Blue star 4 agreeing wit me.I had my chance wit him but my homegirl messed it up.Come on all u ladies who have seen windyboy,post a reply,SPEAK UP!!!!Dont be shy!!!!!!!!
                      HoKa hEy GrLz!!! Da SnAgGiN' iS oN!!!!


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                        My Fav Teen Grass Dancer

                        My fav teen grass dancer wud have to be my long time and best friend Cante Knight!!! hes from south dakota and is the bestest friend i have ever ad in a long time...crazy kid..


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                          Kelsey H.-Warm Springs
                          Dakota M-?????>???
                          *Actcitty B.*- Warm Springs Kelseys cuzin!!!
                          Be proud of your culture becuz there is none other like it!!!!!


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                            86 dis
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                            .:WeStSiDe WaUnEkA.:


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                              ATTENTION:ALL YOU LADIEZ WHO LIKE(D) OR HAVE EVER SNAGGED OR PLANNING ON SNAGGIN' WIT WINDYBOY,HANDS OFF.HEZ MINE NO EXCUSES.SIMPLY STAY AWAY!! Im happy that all u think my man is a [email protected]$$ grassdancer.That just means that a got tha cream of tha if u got n-e questions hit me or my cuz up AKA HUMMY.Thanx,L8.
                              .:WeStSiDe WaUnEkA.:


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