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    Hey guys!
    What type of bells do you like to use? How many do you have attacked to each leg? My hunny has a set right now, but he want's to change and add bells to it. I'm telling him its ok the way it is now. Thanks! :Thumbs
    medium cow bells
    medium sleigh bells
    jingle bells
    snaf, snarf!

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    i use 2" square bells (can't think of the proper name right now) and i have 6 per side.


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      i see a mostly copper sheep bells around my area


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        i use sheep bells as well, and i have two rows of 6 on each ankle. they're a little heavy, but they sound good. those really big sleigh bells have a good sound, too.


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          ...I use both... I have 4 cow bells and 4 sleigh bells. I cow,sleigh,sligh, cow, cow,sleigh,sleigh, cow. M

          y Son has the same but reversed. :p
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            i have a pair of big *** bells their not sleigh bells ....dont know the term except for big *** bells lol but they oldskool lol
            slide slide slip n slide


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              i used to tie my bells with shoe string lol they ripped everytime i used leather and looped them but one day i found a **** *** load of keyrings in my grandamas house i ut them on them i can hold more bells and its easier
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                Me i have two anklet sets.
                And those are the deer toes which sould alright.
                And the other is jingles, they hang and there are 50 jingles on each side of my ankles. But they both sound goud and are in good condition.purple


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                  Like the 2" sheep bells in brass, thats what I use


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                    I wear sheep mostly but have worn all different types . my favorite set i've ever worn is a pair of double row sheep with a row of hawk on the top thing almost completly covered my calf but it sounded great

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                      how many bells

                      Personally I use 8 cow bells on each leg. They are heavy but my father and brother both have 8 on each leg so I follow there example. Plus they make a nice sound. My brother paints his white and then paints a design on each bell which looks real cool close up but from far away or dancin you don't notice it that much. But they still look real cool.


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                        My favorite bells were the big silver round bells. I've since have lost those and now I use small brass plated bells. I have 16 on each side...

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                          Size 9 Chrome sheep bells, gotta take out those cheap clappers and hang some big ole nuts in em first though..

                          Randy Paskemin will be wearing some soon as soon as I hook him up with his set next time I see him on the trail.

                          (if you see him, tell him his chrome bells are ready)


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                            Yeah, i use rather large sheep bells, 8 on each side. They get a lil heavy sometimes, and they kind of droop down over my goat anklets when i dance too hard... anyone else have this problem?
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                              Brass cast engraved bells in 3 different sizes

                              12 small - 1"
                              16 medium - 1 1/4"
                              5 large - 1 7/8"

                              I wear a harness and ankle get up. It's heavy (fluid up and watch out for cramps) and leaves nasty bruises on the top of your feet if you don't pad them well enough.

                              That said they look great, are loud as heck and have beautiful tone!
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