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  • Baddest Roach?

    Who's got the baddest roach out there in the men's grass?

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  • Sezur
    Porky roach!
    by Sezur
    Hey I've been searching for a very detailed instruction on how to make a porky roach. I can usually learn by watching somthin so if you know of any videos anywhere, tell me pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeee...and thankya
    10-12-2008, 11:56 PM
  • CornHuskerFan
    need a new roach
    by CornHuskerFan
    Does anyone out there know how to get ahold of JohnPaul the roachmaker? i have been wanting to order a roach from this guy for awhile now and NO ONE seems to know how to get ahold of him. i just like the way his roaches look. please help me out anyone out there.
    05-13-2012, 01:55 AM
  • ladysinger
    Best looking roach.....
    by ladysinger
    What Stratight dancer do you think has the BEST looking roach?
    11-02-2005, 12:31 PM
  • wichapi
    Where can I get a roach?
    by wichapi
    I am in need of a roach for my nephew. Anybody got any ideas of where I can get one.
    03-09-2012, 05:24 PM



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