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  • which do you use ???

    I'm having trouble deciding on what to use for foot wear
    what do you use or see other dancers using

    1 Shoes
    2hardsoled Mocs
    3 softsoled Mocs

    Also which is going to be easier to bead /care for etc
    hard soles
    soft soles

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    Ive gone through a range of footwear dancing grass. Mocs are good but you definitely want to sew a latigo soel onto them cause they WILL wear out fast.

    another thing Ive tried out was some of those know the scuba shoes that are beaded. For dancing, they are exellent!! Good grip, they last a long time and they fit snugh on your feet.BUT..there are alot of peopel who dont like this type of footwear so it is your choice and preferance.
    I prefer nice beaded mocs with soles that I can switch out but if Im dacning for exhibition(schools, functions or whatever) where cahnces are its on pavement, Ill go with the mocashoes.
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      me personally, i like the feel of aqua socks when i'm grass dancing.


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        I have soft but I'll switch to hard. These stones and rocks hurt man!


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          i have hard but the rocks sometimes hurt so i put that gellin stuff like in the commercial
          say this out loud 5 times fast(I AM SOFA KING WE TODD ED)

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            beaded gum boots are the bomb
            slide slide slip n slide


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              I use soft sole mocs with a hard latigo glued not sewn onto the bottom with athletic support soles inside. The reason I glue instead of sew is because it's easier to replace than taking the entire sole off and resoleing. Once you wear out a sole, about one summer, all you do is rip off the old one and glue another on and you still have the soft sole intact.
              I have tried to cut out aquasocks and glue those on but it's hard finding a pair that actually match the shape of my moccasin, even if I cut it to shape. Wrestling shoe soles provide about the best support. But I'm a fancy dancer so it might be a little different.


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                Hmm...moccasins wear out? I've worn the same soft soled moccasins for the past 5 years. They are made out of tanned young moose hide and beaver. Good shoes anyhow.
                Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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                  Well I will have to beat the 5 year mark there. I have had my pair for 30 years, they were made by my mom's cousin in the late 70's. Hard sole, okie style. Grant you I use them only for straight dancing.


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                    Update: My mocs finally blew a flat... time to knock down another moose !
                    Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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