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    I was wondering where I can find a pattern for a grass dance outfit? My girlfriend wants to make one for our son.
    Something for about 1-2 year old.

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    you make your own.
    when i made the first one for my little boy i made his with a pattern i made from the newspaper. measure his waist. now divide it inhalf (so if hes 18 inches around you would want your aprons 6 inches wide or smaller) then you want his height, which can be hard to get on a toddler, but measure from his diaper line down to his knees. you dont want it to long because then he can trip on it, or if he crawls it wont get in his way. then you decide if you want to curve your aprons, or go to a point, or straigt across. if you want it curved or to a point make sure you make that the longest point (but no longer than his knees) straigt is easy :) but since you used the news paper you can keep cutting untill you find the right design. for the yoke you can use a smaller version of the apron (so they match) just from shoulder to shoulder and then use if 2 inches smaller. when you cut the hole, remember you can slit the back a couple of inches and put in a button or snap. i use bais tape to edge all the edges. its fast and easy. on the back you can leave a couple of inches on each side of the slit and then you can tie it. you could also pick up a vest pattern from wal mart and then make it to his size. its also quick and easy. :)

    good luck, if you need some help PM me :)


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      My mom made my pattern but she had me do most of the work on it. She helped alot but both our efforts were put into it because I sort of convinced her I was too busy with my courses to do the shopping for the materials. Dad and her would get most of my stuff at the powwows and their friends who sell.


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