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  • what else do i need

    Lets see i have aprons side tabs and pants and shirt arm band(silver) H-harness (With no bead work yet) i'm ordering the last of my beads this tuesday so besides bead work what else do i need to do for my grass outfit( I'm not doing a yoke i don't like them so any besides that) thanks for all you help

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    roach and spreader, mocs, hand items,


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      tigger you know i'm looking for a new roach cuz i tryed to sale you mine that i have rite now. i also have a hoop, and a mirror board and i'm looking for aqua shocks like the ones you have were did you get them? oh are cuffs a big thing for grass dancer ?
      thanks again for any help


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        martin......... if you go to the galleries and look in the grass dance section there are some really good pics of outfits that should help you out.


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          t - i - double "G" errrrrr

          what would be the first thing to make on a grass outfit? been thinking for a long time on what to dance(about a year)
          Where's the Pow-wow at????


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            i do my beadwork first then the ribbon or yarn fringe


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              beadwork on what- LOL totally feels cheap as he doesn't know anything
              Where's the Pow-wow at????


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                Originally posted by Leslie Stonechild
                beadwork on what- LOL totally feels cheap as he doesn't know anything

                side tabs, apron, belt, cuffs, chocker, and suspender set. i do mine on a canvas type material.


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                  I have been waiting to come up with some cool ideas and also have been sidelioned with some personal thigns and haven't been focused on your advice. Now with the pw season coming up again I am feeling the itch and want to dance so badly but no outfit.
                  Any suggestions? I have no craft skill as I found out last year.
                  Where's the Pow-wow at????


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                    a grass dance outfit requirements

                    I make grass dance outfits...i let the people worry about the beadwork.
                    Aprons (front and back) w/ fringe- you could have designs on it or not...its up to you
                    Shirt with fringe sewed on...with ribbon too, its up to the person
                    Harness (beaded or not)
                    Belt w/ side drops (beaded or not)
                    pants w/ fringe sewed on...the way its sewed on varies
                    moccasins (beaded or not)
                    cuffs (beaded or not)
                    hand items (optional, things vary)
                    roach (required-lol)
                    headband w/ side drops (side drops optional)
                    above all else...all grass dance outfits differ...people could wear a lot of stuff...chockers, necklaces, breastplates...earrings...its up to the person...but everything above is just the BASIC needs of a outfit...


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