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  • Can anyone help me?!?

    Is there anyone that can give me some direction on making a young boys grass dance outfit? I have no idea where to start...thanks for any help.

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    You'd be surprised how many folks ask that same exact question. If you can review the older posts here, that'd be a good start.

    I used hospital scrub pants as a start and an under armour shirt. Then I designed and made the aprons, side tabs, and yoke. I've never seen the pattern for the grass dance ( in person but I assume it should give you an idea of the sizes you need. This gave me the basic outfit, sans ribbons and accessories.

    Ribbon is the cheapest and easiest to use, and I like it better. Wait until it goes on sale at a fabric store (I bought 6 rolls for $1 at 8 yds a roll and bought 120 rolls, its best to buy the ribbon you need all at once so it matches and make sure you get enough)

    Decide how long you want the ribbon to be and add at least a half inch for sewing. For example, I had 14 inch ribbon so I took a 29 inch wide piece of cardboard and folded it in half. Then I had the exact width I wanted. Wrap the ribbon around the cardboard, until the roll is dead. Then I simply used scotch tape to keep the ribbon in a nice batch. The open end of the cardboard is where you cut the ribbon, giving you a 6 inch strip of 2 ply ribbon or so. (I know it sounds confusing, I can explain better for anyone who wants to know)

    That gives you a suit with ribbon, and the rest is accessorizing. Be sure to look at pictures for ideas but don't steal any patterns from anyone. Good luck and feel free to PM for more help!


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      Thank you so much. You definitly pointed me in the right direction. About how much material do you use for your outfits?


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        Well I'm an average size adult male, and I had 10 yards of my main fabric and that was more than enough for a few outfit retries and the final product. Cheap "flag fabric" is only about $3 a yard and works great.


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          I have made all my son's outfits from scratch. But the easiest way is what Shimkus said, buy a shirt and pants from the store, add the ribbons or yarn, do your designs. I have seen others use puffy paint on theirs. The yokes are easy to make, make it original. Use patterns or designs, preferably family designs, or even create on yourself. Give your regalia a story :D. Use colors and combinations that you or your son likes. The next one I am making my son is a more traditional style, tearing up the material for the fringe. I use more cottons because they get so hot and sweaty while dancing, especially in the sun. I use material that can breathe. If I really think about it all the material I have bought was at Wally world in the $1 section. LOL. True native mom there..hee hee. But I have managed to use stuff no one else has ever used :D. Be creative and have fun.......
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