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  • What Style yew dance?

    Just wondering what styles everyone dances? Old style or more of the contem moves? I know different nations have different moves that they take credit for or usually dance a certain way. I'm starting to learn the different moves and being able to place the moves with different nations. I have a guy that mato and ndn princess 2001 introduced me to that has been dancin it since hes been able to walk. We talked for a while and are suppose to meet up at a powwow this weekend to teach me some more. I gotta say this guy knows more about the different dance moves and orgins then I probably know my own self.
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    hey young buck good job on learning. Old styler here. Semi retirement though. Good luck man.


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      a newbie and trying to learn the Dance but i know nothing about the styles.

      hmmm some help would be cool.........i guess i look kinda odd because i dance what i see in almost anyone that i like. no formal teacher here that i have found
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        Originally posted by Ntvmanness
        hey young buck good job on learning. Old styler here. Semi retirement though. Good luck man.
        Thanks Ntvmanness. I'm trying to learn the best I can, I figured I would stick with a few people on learning a certain style to dance myself then to try to learn all of it and then choosing. My friend told me to learn and dance with one style and then in time to just follow your body to which ever way it wants to go. He told me that eventually the different style of moves will come out on their own. Tonight he told me that he is going to gathering of nations to dance competition. I guess a few years ago he placed 5th out of all the grass, and his brother placed either above him or even first. So he knows what hes talking about!

        Stonechild- Really the only advice I can give to you would be to ask a few of your friends to introduce you to other grass dancers. Or if you have no other friends around that will do that, politely at the right time approach other grass dancers and just ask them how long they've been dancing and what style they like dancing the best out of old or contemp and then procced to as what style they dance as far as nations go. Ask for pointers and let them know that you are just starting out. 9 out of 10 times most dancers will tell you time and practice, practice, practice. No one is as good as they are without practicing. Don't expect to understand or know everything they will tell you. Alot of the times it comes with time and more learning. Learn to watch their moves and the way they move there arms and head with each different foot steps they use. Most of all learn where the dance came from and what purpopses that style of dance was used for. I myself wouldn't want to be something that I had no idea about. So learn what you can that way you can better appreciate what you are doing and what it means to be who or what you are! Good luck.
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          I could remember the first time I danced; it was at a competition powwow in Minneapolis. No roach with a couple of bells, jammin hard and thinkin I was cool - doin the chicken dance and all. I look back at the video and ask my wife, "what the heck were you thinking, letting me go out like that", I guess its like jumpin from an airplane, no time to think, just go...


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            Old school vs. New school. Start out old school always, then the second verse bust out the new school and there after its a old/new blend and works fine and dandy. Now trying to work in some foot sliding on the crows, its coming out alright just need to work out some steps then it'll be ready for powwow season. I also like to bust a little chicken in my dance routine usually somewhere in the beginning and towards the end. At smaller powwows I do everything on the fly but always start out old school just my way of showing respect.
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