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    Grass dance is one of the oldest style of dance in Powwows in North America. my elders told me that the grass dancer was the first dancers to dance at a powwow , they would dance on the grass to flaten it out for other dancers. correct me if i am wrong?

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    Grass Dance

    In general you are correct.

    But the use of the term "grass dance" has gottern rather confusing since the 1950's.

    A very long time ago an event was sometimes referred to as a "grass dance." This was in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. An event could also be referred to as a "gathering, feast, dance, meeting" and in my day it was called a "doing."

    Over time (mid 20th Century) the term "powwow" came into play and the term "grass dance" referred to a particular style of dancing.

    As far as the modern powwow is concerned it is one of the oldest dances but in truth anything that is considered traditional by any tribe is really the oldest.

    We must always remember that the "gathering" has evovled greatly and changed greatly in the past 100 years.


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      Forms are different now. Concept still there though. Old style grass is blowing in the wind nowdays with contemp sytle. The real old sytlers are aging and Canada and State bros are losing it.


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        Orgin of the Grass Dance

        The Grass Dance evolved from the early societies. These fellows were responsbile for cutting the lawns around the villages. They also were responsible for cutting the dance arena and could not do this until the day of the big dance. It generally took them until grand entry time to get the arena cut and they would be picking up their bags of grass clippings and dance them out of the arena. The people begining calling them grass dancers, obviously because they were dancing and carrying grass. Because they danced the grass out, they were giving the honor of leading the grand entry. That is how they invented the grand entry too. They had a hard time with the grand entry because they couldn't write and it was hard to keep points, well they didn't have paper either, so it was hard to keep track of points. Well they didn't have pencil's either, but thats a story for another time. I know this is true becuase I read it in a book a white guy wrote.


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          Hey, Steve, BTW, how's Porky??



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            LOL That was great!
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              In reply to Steve StopsOnTime, you know it's true because you read it in a book that some white guy wrote?!? What the...???
              ERRRRRRRRRRRRR haha


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                Steve is the funniest dude ever
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