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  • bead neck ties

    Bead nack tie yes or no, if you guys and gals have some picture you could port that would be great
    Thank for all the help
    Much love keep the beat alive

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    it'll be a lil bit...

    I't probaby just me, but I like how they look. Makes things look much more complete. I can't stand it when folks wear those wrinkly dirty, snot rags around their necks. Or about a million necklaces...i'll try to find some pics but it'll probably take while.:D
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      ...I wear both... and interchange on them hot days.... beaded (not to big asked sister to make it small enough where I aint gonna tip on over...) and the snot rags... :D sometimes a choker my Unc gave me.... sometimes nothin.... just depends I reckon...
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        I like darrell goodwills set. he has a tie, collar, yoke, pretty soon i think his FRINGE will be beaded.
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          I have seen many Shoshoni men wear them both in the past and present. Sonny St. Clair a Shoshoni (and Skidi Pawnee) grass dancer wears one.

          To me, this adoption of beading a tie and tiecollar is something that I can identify men of the Shoshoni tribe by.

          When the proudly wear them. . . it looks good!
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