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I need some HELP!!!!

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  • I need some HELP!!!!

    I need some help! I'm helping a friend work on a grass Dance regaliu. We need some help, trying to assimble the Head Dress. I have seen many dance with a head band in triangle fold on. We all so need any other help possible! this is are first attempt to do this type of thing! Any help, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

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    Do you mean a roach? if so you can order the kits (or ready made) from crazy crow or Noc Bay. ive gotten a lot of stuff from them. Noc bay has more colors of deertails to choose from. Its kind of a lengthy process, but worth it. i know that i dont have the patcience to do a roach, however my mom tied my son two of them. (one was stolen) If you dont have the time or the patcience to tie it, i would invest in one. they are expensive, but if you get a good size and a color, you can use it forever. the first roach took my my 2 full days (after she sorted the guard hair, (it has to be pretty even, like within a half inch)

    You can buy a video from noc bay that explains its REALLY good if you decide to tie one. :) good luck!

    Oh, powwowbum makes them, and ive heard hes really reasonable price wise. :)

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      Roach bro? Triangle you mean a spreader?


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