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    im not the best stich eaither, i had my grandmother do most of mine. Did you take my advice on accessories ? i think a small set of bells and a choker whould but nice maybe some goat fur... im not a grass dancer so i dont know much about what they wear, need to know any think about tradish tho... and i ill tell ya..


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      i have made a few kids grass outfits in the past. for a little little kid just get a couple bandanas with designs on them.

      fold them diagonal to make a triangle and fold the long corners under and you have a basic yoke shape. just cut a head hole and sew on some ribbon.

      for the aprons fold the triangle and cut in 2 halfs so you have 2 big triangles. fold the long points back and sew on the fringe, dont forget a belt loop.

      i can knock out one of these in an hour now.
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        I did more work for his regalia. It's been a while since I had a chance to work on anything.
        I still need to make him a ribbon shirt, arm bands and cuffs, side tabs and I need to bead his mocs, but I am going to hold off on the roach for a few years since he'll grow so fast. The other things I can make adjustable (except the mocs, but the bead work on those isn't that big of a deal).
        Anyway, I made him a headband with rosette in the front (I attached the whole thing to a bandanna, so it makes everything easier), and I put the eye loop things on there too (detachable). I made him some high topped mocs. Today I made some dance bells and a choker.
        Here he is wearing all of it that is done so far (he was a little disgruntled when I took the pics):


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          TOO CUTE! it looks very nice for a first set


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   cute is he??? ;) and that chin dimple! luv it

            I think that's a perfect outfit for a toddler!

            and I think we have the same couch! lol aye

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              treating the ribbon

              Did you treat the ends of the ribbon with anything, so that it wont fray? If not, you can use frey check or frey stop, apply a little to the ends, and it will help prevent fraying. You can get it at the fabric section in wal mart, and is a life saver for regalia. I dance fancy shawl, and use it on all my ribbon work.
              The outfit is adorable, you did a wonderful job!
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                For the little guys outfit----

                take a candle-- burning and than put the fringes of satin ribon near the flame-- it melts it down-- that prefents for ribbing of.

                To go through the Cloth of the cape with the yarn fringes is one way-- but sometimes, the cloth is not very smooth after that.

                sorry, I dont have a pic of that at the moment.

                what also works.... you cut the yarn--- I normally take a different coloured pice of yarn in the length of the double fringe and make small bundles and cut them-- to put everything over a cardboard will work, but the fringes are not so equal- as I noticed

                than you take some ribbon, like fox braid--i think it is called like that in English, or coton ribbon and put the fringes throug that ribbon-- you can make knots-- or sew over it later-- like I did here:
                Tiny-Tod Grassdance Outfit-Wet Grass - Redstar-tradingpost

                Here I put the fringes directly through the cloth:

                Hope that helpes--- if it is not good to understand-- I can try to explain it again- hope better.

                Best regards from Elke


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                  Originally posted by tindi View Post
                  I finished it!
                  I decided to use ribbon because a friend told me that when you use yarn, it picks up everything from the ground and it is hard to get it all out of the yarn..and when they're little, the yarn gets full of stuff, so I will wait to make it with yarn.
                  I experimented with different ways of attaching the ribbon. I also just sewed the apron to the pants. I have never done this before so it isn't wonderful, but I think it's a good first try.

                  awsome! very cute


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                    Originally posted by dancinfancy View Post
                    You poke a hole in the fabric and tey make needles for fringe to thread the fringe through then you just tie it in a knot in the fringe close to the fabric. I do make outfits for people so if you decide you would rather have someone else do it just let me know. I hope this helps.
           make outfits huh...PM me please!!! I REALLY NEED A NEW ONE!!


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                      Originally posted by short apache girl View Post
                      awsome! very cute
                      That's really good for a baby's first one!


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