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    Okay Everyone I need some help. I;m makeing a grass dance outfit but i don't know where to begin.

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    Well if you were to go back through the months on this forum I'm sure you would find enough info to help you get started. But since I'm nice I guess I'll let ya know a lil summin. First find out what type of outfit you want. From the waist below every grass outfit is basically the same pants, apron and sidetabs. From the waist up it can be one of two things either a shirt with an apron over top of the shirt or just a basic long sleeve shirt with or without a collar which ever you prefer and then just tying the ribbon or yarn onto it and appliquing what ever if anything onto the shirt. As for the process of doing it all I guess it depends on what you feel comfortable starting on first. If you've never done and outfit before then I suggest practicing with differen't colors and designs and then try to throw a few different designs together. Believe me the time you put into making an outfit is not easy.
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      Originally posted by Jammer
      Believe me the time you put into making an outfit is not easy.
      No kidding!!!!!!!! I'm working on my son's grass outfit now. He wears about a size 6 in boys clothes. So it's pretty small and I'm keeping it basic, because he'll outgrow it by winter. I'm only doing one layer of yarn. I'm making about one piece of his outfit a day, start to finish. Tying the yarn fringe is very time consuming. My props to all the grass dancers who make their own outfits. Especially those that have several layers of yarn!!!!
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          I'm still putting mine together. It's going on 2 yrs now but it's cool I don't enter the contests so I can kick back.


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            i've got a pretty nice one now but theres one thing. if you have another reg. do your beadwork first


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