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  • never before made one?

    Okay Ikwe's & Inini's,
    I need all the help I can get on this one... I've never made a grass dance outfit before...... I'm making one for my ol man-thinking maybe he'll teach our son to dance (he's a singer)-but i'm asking for tips on whats comfy & whats not....... sweat pants? ugh isn't there a better way? long sleves? vests? you guys look mighty good out there swingin your stuff but what feels good and keeps you from taking it off when it's sooooo hut out?
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    grass dancer oufit

    So you have to think cotton, no polyester against the skin. Breathes better and stays cool!!!
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      i wouldnt use grass pants... i use a system almost like gairtars i take my bells and make then big enuff so they go right under my knee then i make the fring and sew it on to a peice of cloth and then sew the cloth to the back of the leather. and then u got ur bells and leg fringe all done. for the bells i use sheep bells and i persoanly use a dog coller of the same coler insteat of leather and it works pretty well.. it keeps u very kool in the summer and in the winter i just wear under armore under neath it. then i make the cape cloth very small but i just add alot of fringe. i dont wear a traditional shirt but i just wear a tee shirt or a beater.

      in the winter i might wear a trad shirt or a long sleeve under amore(i would suggest to get the shorts pants shirt and long sleeve of this stuff ts great)

      my 2 cents -mike


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        I used the Missouri River Pattern to make my son's outfit. Then for the pants I bought a pair of starter pants and sewed the yarn fringe to them. They are lighter weight than sweatpants.
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          Okay thank you all.... cotton is good.... polyester is pretty?! But I'm serious peeps.... I need more info... why is there four parts to their aprons.. theres the front & back, but I've seen a few dancers with smaller aprons on the sides-a friend of mine was saying how he tied them together was really important so that they didn't sway too much on him while he danced-belts? So guys wear leggings? I've never looked that close at a mans legs-'cide my honey-but thats beside the point! Do most grass dancers wear bells.. I've seen em at the knees & ankels? which is more comfy? and the beautiful bead work around their necks.... I've noticed that some don't match the rest of their out fits? Is this a family item thats gotta be passed on? I dunno but I wanna make the best out fit for my man I can but I want him to be comfortable and relaxed.... It's hell dragin him away from the drum for a 2-step! But gettin him to do it on his own.... he'd better look good doing it then!
          "What goes around comes around. Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's Heaven on Earth." Author-nknown


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            I'll try to answer as much as I can.
            The four parts of the aprons are the front back and side tabs. The side tabs are sometimes beaded to match the beadwork and stays with the beadwork. Or the sidetabs match the aprons, and have ribbonwork or whatever adorns your aprons. They are smaller some are shorter than the aprons and some are the same length. As for pants they aren't realy leggings they are more like pants. Some people just go buy sweatpants or such. I like mine to be made from the same thing as my cape and aprons. It makes sure that it is the exact same color. Some people put designs on the bottom of the pants. Most grass dancers wear bells, I don't know any that don't. Where you wear them depends on the person. Some wear them under the knee others wear them around the ankle. The beaded thing around the neck is a neck tie. Basicly a fully beaded choker with a beaded drop, looks like a very short tie. As for it not matching the rest of the beadwork, it may have been handed down or made at a diffrent time than the other beadwork and just doesn't match. I don't think it has to be passed down. I wear a thin t-shirt that matches my outfit under cape. It stays pretty cool and don't know much anything hotter than a texas summer. If your trying to stay cool look into flat fringe or ribbon fringe, it'll be cooler than yarn. But I don't think it looks as good. A ribbon yarn combo with ribbon on the cape would stay cool.

            Applique work on the cape, aprons, sidetabs, and pants, would look nice. Hang ribbons from them, like near the yarn if you know what I mean. If your gonna do the beadwork he would probobly like to have a neck tie, belt, headband, cuffs, and harness. The harness and cuffs can be made with applique to match the rest of the regalia.

            Hope this helps a little, and if you got anymore questions just post um. Ohh and i think cotton is better.;)


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              well on the older fancy shawls we used fringe.. and it frays... now we use ribbon and we've learned tricks to keep it from fraying... so how do you keep yarn from fraying or doesn't it? I'm real sorry if I'm asking 101 questions but I need to know all I can! I'm a picky girl when it comes to my outfits....down to the look, touch, feel, but most importantly I like my outfits to fit well and stay put! Nothing like my skirt catching the wind!! IKE!!! I will have to catch some photos here and there.. I'm just courios about the knee bells? Maybe I just never noticed them before on guys...
              And where do you put all that yarn? I think I may have to look closer.. anyone know of any good pictures I can pick up or find on the web? I will take a look at the fellas this weekend (at grand portage, mn) and see what I can see.........

              Tx grass dancer-Beaded drop? Is that hair drop(s)? and if the aprons are hand made then your pants are hand made to fit your bottom? Just so they match? I see the wisdom and reasoning but are you really serious? Do most grass dancers wear a beaded neck tie?
              And spotted eagle... what is the Missouri River Pattern?

              Are there any items in a man regalia that he shouldn't be with out? (male ego boosters or some testosertone things?) I have a few hormonal things I won't go without! (like moccasins have to match my belt, all bead work(baretts, hairties etc), and drops-so I have 4 sets! Day/Night outfits for 2 days of dancing?!)
              Is there something "taboo" about using his clan in the outfit design? or representation of our son's ojibwe name?
              "What goes around comes around. Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's Heaven on Earth." Author-nknown


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                Have you read any of the past threads they could realy help you out. Alright where to start.

                I just don't worry about my yarn fraying because when it does you don't realy notice. I've never had it unravel on me yarn usualy stays together pretty well. Use Red Heart yarn I've found it to be the best and most people swear by it. You probobly just haven't noticed the bells with all the yarn and stuff you probobly can't see it. Even if their around the ankle you might not see them. Yarn goes on the cape(or shirt depending on how you make it), Aprons, sometimes side tabs, and above or below the knee on the pants. The Gallery here is great for pictures. Look at oldschoolgrassdancer's pics he has some nice regalia.

                Ok heres a pic of a neck tie
                The drop that I was talking about is just the part sticking out.

                It is just nice to have your aprons and pants matching looks good. Yes I am serious, I bought enough material for my mom to make cape, aprons, sidetabs, and pants with all of it matched.
                Not everyone wears a necktie. Some wear a regular hairpipe choker, others don't wear anything but a scarf.
                The Missouri river pattern is a pattern that you can get from crazy crow and is a pattern and gives you shapes and suggestions for the outfit. As well as it is a pattern so.

                Ego booster Matching harness, headband, neck tie, belt, and sidetabs. Matching roaches look nice too. For 2 day pw's just a diffrent outfit. You know the cape, aprons and pants. Thats what a lot of people do, they just wear one set of beadwork. Go ahead and use his clan I've seen them with bear claws, and other things to show clans. Go ahead and put your son's name on it. I've seen them with names put on rossetes or on headbands.
                Depending on how much dancing he will be doeing if you making new moccs maybe look into rubber soles they last longer and are sometimes more comfortable.

                Heres a few pics to check out

                Check out this site it has some nice stuff.
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                  Tx Dancer,
                  I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and YES I've been reading the replys... I'm just female and the male lingo for parts of your outfits are different than ours and I've never attempted to make a mens grass... just fancy shawl...! So please bear with me here please... you've no idea how much you've helped already! I'm treading very carefully in the men's area here and I don't want my guy looking or feeling funny because his ol woman don't have a clue (and of course he's just wearing it to please me?! HA!) Hey and for anyone whos checking out theses threads... tx dancer put a LOT of good websites down... everyone should check em out!! They ARE kewl!
                  Yarn don't fray? hmmm good...! Because thats a whole lotta yarn! And hats off to your mother for making pants for your bottom! I will see what I can do to cover his cute bottom! Thank you for your input on ego boosting...some men need lots of ego stroking! Fat heads! But then again I think he will value it more if it makes him feel good, which I wish for everyone. Rubber soles... hmmmm never heard of it but I will definately look into it.. I've always just dance in my ol leathers with duck tape patches on em!
                  The bells... Your right I hear'em, but I don't see'em! And I think they are calling my name! Off to Grand Portage, MN for a kick butt weekend on the trail! Thanks again!
                  "What goes around comes around. Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's Heaven on Earth." Author-nknown


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                    MishkomekinaakIkwe your welcome and Have fun.

                    What I mean by past threads are the threads in the forum not the replies here. Sorry if I confused you. The threads are past questions, and we've covered quite a bit in the grass dance forum. Just when your at the gathering screen click on Grass Dance forum not the last post then change the ones displayed to since the begining and start reading any that intrest you.I belive theres a discussionn on whats better yarn or ribbon. And what is needed for a complete grass dance outfit. The rubber soles will last longer and if you put some gel inserts in them will most likely feel better.

                    If your using yarn theres a trick to cutting a bunch at once. get you a board a little longer than what you want the yarn length to be and just wrap the yarn around the board untill you run out of the skien, and make one cut up at the top you will have yarn twice as long as you need. Then just tie it on a shoestring like you do a shawl. Not exactly like you tie a shawl just wrap it around the shoestring and pull through. Youll have 2 Pieces a little longer than the length you want but you can trim the whole thing when your finished. Most people who use yarn use this method. At least on the cutting and tying of the yarn. Just put your yarn by a chair in front of the tv and everytime you sit down to watch just do some tying thats what I do. You realy don't have to watch what your doing once you get the hang of it.

                    Just have fun and if you got anymore questions post um. If you need some information IM me. I can scan some of my stuff put it on a webpage and send you the address or I can e-mail you the stuff.


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                      That's how I tied my son's yarn. Except I flipped the ironing board over and tied from one leg to the next while I was watching tv. Mishkomekinaaklkwe if you look in my gallery I have a couple pics of my son's outfit. I also have a couple pics of grass dancer's I took over the weekend.
                      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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