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  • Grass Dance Pants!

    Boozhoo Niijiis! Ok.....I am making my very first grass dance outfit for a little boy of 4. Now...I have finished most of it, but the "fringing" on the pants part. I guess my question is this: How do I put the fringe on the pants? I mean, is there a specific "order" to it...can I put the fringe straight around the legs of the pants, or at an angle? I looked at some pics for ideas, but there is too much yarn, or ribbon for me to see how they are done. Which way is best? Anyone tell me?
    Oh and Oldstylegrass! boozhoo niijii!......Nice pics you posted on here!......Very nice outfit and your beadwork is fine too! Anyway, to all you grass me out here will ya? *LOL*......THANKS!!!!!:Chatter

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    I believe that most are at an angle. But this depends on how the apron was made? The angle of fringe on the pants should match the apron.

    Perhaps others will have more insight?

    At four years old you will have to be real careful that he does not play in the dirt. I am sure he will look great.



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      I've seen both striaght arounnd the leg and angled. guess it's just prefernce.


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        I wouldnt put fringe on him yet.
        My three year old (who is tall for his age) doesnt wear pants with fringe. i put on a pair of cotton pajama pants to cover his legs (i let him wear shorts if its really hot.) No point in making hate dancing b/c he gets to hot, know what i mean? I would decorate his pants with a little ribbon work, or a design on the leg. But to much fringe will cause them to heat up.

        Good luck :)
        Niijii's Mom


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          Grass Dance Pants

          Chi Miigwetch for the responses! I have made the pants with the fringe and the applique at the bottom. Looks good I think. But Niijii's Mom, I am also taking your advice you gave me. So then the little boy will have two pants to wear! Thanks a bunch!!! :)


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            I make all my brothers pants fringe at a slight angle. I first try them on to a large twine like rope and loop them on almost like your fringing a shawl base; them i will go and sew on the line of fringe right at the base of the cord where you looped them on;did ya get thet?

            also i forgot use yarn on the pants. Not ribbon gives it fuller look. I think you should (just my opinion) make your 4 year old a full suit get him ready when he is older to take care of his things but then what do I know. I dont have kids.
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              Thanks powwowchic!!!! :Thumbs


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                most the Grass Dancers i know have them with ribbion and they are at a slight Angle. Most of them are, a couple of them have Yarn put on the pants and it is straight. depends on who you are and how you like it and dance it! :Angel2
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                  Most i have seen are on an angle (unlike the Boy scout big angora style grass leggings that are just wrapped around)

                  depending on if you have sidedrops you can put it down the sides and angle down towards the inside of the legs a little below the knee. just imagine a loop of string around your leg and your holding it by one part up at you thigh, the rest drapes down at an angle around your leg and up the back side.
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                    i presently have mine boyscout angora stylez lol straight leg just kidding its straight round though no angora (i wish)heheheheh depends alot on the design of your pant line and design as well i like either way their is no wrong way .....ive had both styles i like the straight with straight breech and an angle with a rounded breech preference to your eye.....your own personal eye candy so to speak
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