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  • Harness

    Another little questions regarding grass dance outfits. Umm...I am the one making my first grass dance outfit and it is for a 4 yr old boy. I was told that those "half harnesses" are sort of "in" for grass dancers. Just have like half the harness hanging down from the belt..and the breastplate is worn on the top. I've seen some pictures of this fashion and looks pretty cool. Any comments? I think I am going to make this style for this boy. Wow, its cool, because I get to experiment on the making of my first grass dance outfit!!

    Any comments from you grass dancers would be appreciated again! *LOL*. Thanks a bunch!

    Comments and/or Suggestions?????? Anyone??? LOL

  • #2
    hmm ive never realy seen any half harnest but i just wtach the dancing but i probably have the heaviest harnest in my age division i have size ten on mine but it stands out real real good when i first saw it i thought he used smaller beads i was amased
    say this out loud 5 times fast(I AM SOFA KING WE TODD ED)

    laughter is the most powerful thing in the world


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