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  • Washing

    Other than washing my grassdance regalia by hand, would it be safe to take it to the dry cleaners? or are there other alternitives?

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    I guess it would depend on what it is made of. Mine is a cotton material with yarn on it. I just put it in a pillow case, cinch the case up and wash it in the washing machine. Then I leave it in the caase and throw it in the dryer. Doing that will wash it and get some of the little stuff out of the yarn.


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      Well, i like to make them out of washable material, but that doesnt mean your limited to only cottons or plain materials. Ive found that Casa Satin and Crepe Back Satins are machine washable. You'll pay a little more, but It makes it a lot easier keep clean. I wouldnt recomend taking it to a dry cleaner, but maybe its just the ones here. They said that the ribbon could come back all tangled, and they arent responsible for the damage. Throwing it into a pillow case, or a sinchable bag sounds like the best plan. Some times pre treating can lighten the color on your fabric, so remember to test it in a inconspicious area.

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        Get a shear laundry bag all dry cleaners sell them. They clean better then pillow cases. Hang to dry cuz the drier will shrink the yarn. Get ready to iron to cuz the machine washer will make it not hang right.
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          ~*~ Washing.....I guess it just depends what kind material you use, But I wouldn't suggest throwing it into a washing machine, hand wash it ( is the best and safest way), it might take more time but it is easier on your outfit. And i suggest letting your outfit air dry ( inside) , sticking it in the dryer could set in stains on your yarn if not properly cleaned. Its ok to air dry outside, but do it before the sun reaches noon peek, probably in the morning or evening because the sun could fad your colors. I suggest using Liquid Tide and for the yarn Liquid Tide with Bleach. ~*~

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            Woolite ...delicate cycle ..cold water...air dry Use a mesh bag yep !
            I wash all my dry clean stuff in woolite they also make a kit to dry clean at home now too found at wally world . But for the yarn products I always use Woolite an I have been doing this for 30 years np:D
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                i wonder if it would work for shawl fringe - my girls shawls look soo grumby by the end of the season..sendin them to the cleaners just ruins the fringe. any help out there?

                a friend of my hubby used to wash his in the washer with woolite in a pillowcase - his was cotton with satin ribbon...he used alot of fabric softener - he HATED that wet mop smell some male dancers smell like and was kinda neurotic about it....when febreeze came out he thought it was the best thang since sliced bread...
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                  Originally posted by dreams4u
                  I know this is a grass thread but...would that work on shawl fringe? Sent 7 shawls to the cleaners and they ruined the fringe!
                  Yes, I wash my wool garberdine shawl this way; but I always hang to dry it. It looks good after it's been washed once in awhile.


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                    Dry Clean

                    Even though this is a Grass Dance thread it is a good thread in general for all Regalia.

                    I have practically everything Dry Cleaned - there are some great ones around me that I have been doing business with for about 3-4 years and we have established a wonderful report. Since I have been going to the same ones these years they offer great discounts and even guarantee their work (something not always seen at dry cleaners).

                    If you have left over material of similiar material try various methods of washing and cleaning that to get an idea of how things might come out.

                    In the end it all depends on what works for you the best.


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                        Originally posted by dreams4u
                        Are we talkin about the same kind of fringe?? I mean the chainette fringe that comes on a spool, not the yarn fringe. Just wanted to be sure we're on the same page.



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