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  • harness speicifically belt

    I'm just about done the whole harness but am having thoughts how the belt is finished when it comes to fasining/the closure part should i velcro like i was told or something else? Velcro must be a new thing cuz it's easier but I feel like I'm cheating my son if i do and how's it going to grow with him. ne how I'm looking to find other ways

    can you help?

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    You can buy belt buckles in a variety of styles and sizes at the fabric store. If you use your typical belt buckle also pick up gromets for the holes. You can also get the kind that dont have the pin and hole. Another option is those slid things that you adjust overall straps with. Also from a fabric store. This is easiest for kids.


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      Originally posted by SuzzeQ4 View Post
      Another option is those slid things that you adjust overall straps with. Also from a fabric store. This is easiest for kids.
      Like on backpacks, yah?
      Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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        Originally posted by sookout sh'nob View Post
        Like on backpacks, yah?


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          Da coolest thing!



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            Da coolest thing!

            The coolest thing I've seen for closing belts is those big fasteners for parachutes. You can get them at army surplus stores. I know some folks who use that then have a beaded medalion that slides over it to hide it.


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