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  • Grass dance regalia

    How long does it take to make a typical grass dance outfit?

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    an outfits never done you always ad to it, fix it, want to make it better, get inspired to do something new to it, My nephew gets tears and rips in his outfits all the time playing with the other children. my girlfriend constantly is adding and working on my outfit, and if you compete youll need more than one outfit, and if you live in southwest arizona, new mexico, it gets hot, so its nice to change outfits, but it all depends beadwork takes a long time, but my auntie can crank an appliquad(spelling?) grass outfit in 3 days and a cho one at that. but the beadwork takes along time, all the amount of time you want into it. just telling what i know from expierence, but many other people have many other opinions. hope it helped


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      That depends on a lot of factors. Do you have someone with experience helping you? Can you sew? Are you making a cape or a shirt? If you are making a shirt, are you buying it and adding the fringe and applique or are you doing it all form scratch? Pants or leg bands? Are you using beadwork or going just applique? On top of all this, problems can and will arise throughout the process.

      The first time I made a grass dance outfit was totally by the seat of my pants with no pattern and lots of pro sewing help - it took about three weeks.
      After a decade of experience, I can get one done from scratch by myself in a four day weekend.
      Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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        I make a LOT of grass dance outfits, and it takes me about a week total to make a complete outfit - minus interruptions - which always happen & stretch it out longer. I posted a whole blog with photos & instructions on our website blog, showing my easy way to add yarn to a grass outfit. Go to 2010 Littlecrow Trading Post * Indian PowWow Regalia & Clothing * Gifts * Videos * & click on the Littlecrow Trading Blog on the right-hand side of the screen, if you want to look at the instructions.
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