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grass dance tips....such as ..?

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  • grass dance tips....such as ..?

    i would like for this thread to be the beginning of tips one has learned from others that helped you along the way in designing outfits...so we can help out the next guy...all the time i ask at a pow wow ...wow how'd you do that?...they tell me i tell my friends and so on....like when connecting your feathers at the bottom of your spreader ...use bathtub plug chain on the end of both feathers and connect them together with that lil piece that holds the chain together...this will let your feathers spin freely...awesome effect...or when adding fluff to the end of your feathers use clear silicone ...then say you are tired of the fluffs you can easily peel away the silicone....ive heard of people using hotglue THATS permanant....keep the ideas coming i have more but i dont wanna give away all my secrets at once ....please share
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    This is a good thread, oldstyle. I dont' have much experience in putting together plumes and fans and stuff. I ruined some pretty plumes I have :( I know my way around a sewing machine with eyes closed even *LOL*. But to put together fans and plumes, I have no idea other than trial and error, and i've made more errors than trials.
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      For those bouncin' roach plumes

      My hunny has 2 roach feather sets. His first set was plumes (amazing that everyone kept giving him plumes). We first set it with craft wire, but it was wayyy to stiff. Then we redid it with a bass guitar string. The fluffs bounce really nice now, especailly when he bobbs his head as he dances.
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        By more yarn then you think you need I learned the hard way and couldn't find the same exact color and ran out when I did my left shirt side.


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          Tip: dont' give away to many tips.
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            I found a really awesome company when you're looking for ribbon for an outfit. Go to www.a1ribbon.com and look at the prices. You can get 50 yards of 5/8" ribbon for around $6. A good tip when you're putting ribbon onto Grass Dance Regalia is to wrap the ribbon around a flat piece of cardboard (width= how long you want the ribbon to be), then you can put Fray Check on one edge and iron-on backing on the other side. Then cut the side that you put fray check on. That way the ribbon is already together when you go to sew it to the outfit. It might be a little hard to understand by reading this, and if it is, just let me know and I'll try to explain it further. Just a helpful hint!


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              I think a good tip would be to wear your 'own tribes' designs colors, accessories, feathers, beads, ribbon style and dance your tribes style. There are too many look-like-typical-powwow-grassdancer grassdancers out there.

              Then there's what was given to you when you got your 'right' to grass dance, use that. There are too many guys just suiting up and going for prizemoney or prizesnags, it's not a rodeo k? Ya got's be real and earn your feathers.

              Another great tip, use your NIKE/ADIDAS MOCS to intertribal around then put on your nice leather mocs to contest.
              ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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