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patchoulli or febreeze?

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  • patchoulli or febreeze?

    at one time or another we've experience the unpleasantness of being behind a dancer who has a very odouriferous outfit...other then the obvious washing it ....ive heard of people using febreeze or my personal fave patchoulli....just because patchouli reminds me of my dads and brothers old suitcases...they carry their outfits in ....ive heard of people putter in fabric softner sheets in their outfit bags......but ...what would you rather do use febreeze ?which i dont think works or use patchoulii.?...which everyone will know why you smell like patchoulli for... myself im considerate i would smell of patchouli and risk the occasional snicker,....then to do the febreeze thing and have my future ex away real fast everytime she comes near my rank outfit
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    I love the smell of patchouli...k? But I cannot stand it when it is used to cover body funk.... ewwwwwwww! So I am going to assume the person you are talking about would be freshly showered. :p Then I would say ... I would do the fabreeze then a light pachouli sent.. mmmm now that would do it! ;) :Angel2
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      hmmm, i'd say wash it but ya know.... for those outfits that smell like hot dayummmmmmm.......febreeze. :p
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        they have a new product out its called Oust . It can be placed on a wash cloth an then in the carrying case . I use it for my sons shoesssssssss ewwwwwwweeeeeeeeee. But I also agree with Mato ...just a touch will do .
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          I know what you mean about the odoriferous deal maaaaaan it's bad during the summer. My outfit is to new to smell rank but I'll use this as a tip my mom uses Febreeze on all her furniture but I think when my outfit needs a wash I'll bring it to her house and she can do it.


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