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Grass Dance "boing boing" construction

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    Originally posted by grass newbie View Post
    I would make the wire long enough (I don't know what kind of wire you plan on using) long enough to make the fluffs able to bob with a full motion, but make sure they don't flop down an hit your face . And attaching it to the spreader? I can't help ya there, I'm still experimenting with making them stay upright. But, I'm using a zip tie to secure it in this picture. If anyone has any input, much appreciated!
    thank you for your insight!


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      Originally posted by Toolbox View Post
      One possibility, as the pdf that Olchemist linked to suggests, is to use one really long length of wire and make a "U" shape and pass it through the holes. If you are using a leather spreader then you can use a glover's needle and sew through the spreader and around the wire and that would bond the wire to the leather - the roach base would cushion your head from the wire.

      If you are using a metal spreader then thats a whole different story. The only suggestion I can say for metal is to coat the bottom parts of the wire, being the section that is out of sight and the section that is touching the metal, in lacquer or urethane to prevent possible galvanic corrosion from damaging the metal spreader. If you are looking to attach the wire to the spreader full time you can try to solder it, but that is entirely dependent on the type of metals in use and your knowledge and skill with soldering equipment.
      very helpful! Thanks a bunch!


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        I just rigged mine up with some wire real quickly, might have to try the glover's needle approach, I might bead the spreader later or make a new one.
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          My people have a use for ever part of the automobile!

          Originally posted by OLChemist View Post

          I thought choke springs/cable were traditional, LOL.
          Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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            I found a German Silver spreader with the wires meant specifically for this last year. I didn't think they sold them like that. All I had to do was attach the fluff to it and it was good to go.
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