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attaching the antennae to the roach

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  • attaching the antennae to the roach

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    New to Grass Dancing so please bear with me. How do you attach the antenae to the roach? Also how long should the be?
    Thanks alot

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      well i use a metal spreader.. just a regulat tradtionla 2 socket spreader.... and then i just glue then use bustel tape

      also i use gbass strings and about how long is up to u...

      mine are about 7 8 '' each.. hope this helps



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        Try attatching your feathers' quill to a strong spring. You can do this by gluing and then wrapping the whole thing with sinew. It is best to get a spring (or shape the spring) so that it fits around the quill snugly. If you have those little sockets on your base, you won't need ot do anything else because the socket will hide what is there. (I have low sockets, so I have my quills and spring wrapped in ribbon and beaded as well.)

        I attatch the spring to my spreader or base by sewing it. You can use either sinew for this or a small guage wire (or both). Mark and drill your holes ahead of time - MEASURE ONCE CUT TWICE! Making a new spreader/base is hard work.
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