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    how long should my harness be if i'm about 6'1? should it all be beaded?

    any hints would be great

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    Good question-I'd say it's totally up to you. I have one harness that goes down to just past my knees and another that hangs just above my knees. My brothers goes almost all the way down to his ankles (I don't know how he doesn't trip up on them). Myself- I like down around the knees area.

    You can bead it if you want too, it adds weight and swing to the harness. One of mine is beaded (the shorter one) and I really like the way it sways. The other harness is applique with some coins sewn into it here and there to give it weight and swing. This harness really swings good, but it doesn't sway like the beaded harness does. I like both harnesses equally-It really is just a matter of style and how you move (or your own vision of how you want to move is).


    p.s. - Remember that if you fring the ends of your harness that it (thr fringe) will make your harness look longer. sometimes it adds to the sway effect as well. Good luck!
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