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  • fave grass dancers

    Man that's kinda hard cause I love me some grass dancers... But if I had to really pick some I would have to say?!?!??!

    This is not in any kinda order:

    Daryl Bolton:mrking:
    Derrrick Stanly :Thumbs
    Ronnie Preston :Blush
    Sam Necklace:Music:
    Johnanthan Windyboy:23:

    I love them grass dancers:2:
    b0xInG mY nUmBa 1 LuV:rtf:
    HeY tHiS Is Yo NuMbA oNe ~*PiMpPtE*~ YeA h0lLa At Yo GuRl
    ~*when u see me ur not gunna know what to do with me..but today is ur lucky day cuz i come with insturctions~*

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    I have to say my cuz Wanbli C.E. and Jon T.A. :Angel2


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      Brandon Daniels and Darwin Daniels. both my brothers and they both can dance! Got to give it up to these two guys because not only can they dance but they can also hold up good powwows. Good job bros. keep doing your thing:)
      Ill be @ 1 of those round dances singin.............


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        Hey i have to say my lil bro and bit are my top two!!!!!!!


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          ~ Randy Paskemin
          ~ Daryll Goodwill
          ~ Norvin Eagle Speaker
          ~ Tony Wolf Child


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            Terrance Goodwill
            Darrell Goodwill
            Aj Redman

            As you can see my favs are all in the same family LOL
            Randy Paskimen
            Rusty Gillette

            I like those grass dancers that actually dance, not dance... take a break in the middle of a song... dance again!!!

            Those 5 men really jam....


            • #7
              I've answered this question many times and i always say
              Ron McNab
              Terrance McNab
              Jonathan WindyBoy
              Randy Paskemin
              They dance hard and have wicked moves. Their jus heart, they don't try to show off and crowd the judges like some dancers do today. These guys make the judges come to them.


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                My Favorite Grass Dancers Are:

                Marvin RedElk
                Lee Jack Jr
                Julius Not Afraid
                Steve Dubray


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                  Ronnie P.? tell me more..MMM


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                    Rylan Brady
                    Steve Dubray Jr.
                    Cante Knite
                    Zach Red Bear
                    Marvin LaPlante
                    Naca Charging Crow
                    Aj Redman
                    Jon Taken Alive
                    Buck Spottted Tail
                    Duane Howling Wolf
                    Wanbli Charging Eagle
                    Mike Onestar Sr. and JR.
                    Julius Not Afraid


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                      Originally posted by badAZZgrassmoves4u
                      Ronnie P.? tell me more..MMM

                      I just HAD to join in as a member just to comment on that bad boy Ronnie P............ he came to Minnesota this past summer and TORE IT UP!!! Although I've only been checking pow-wows for a couple of years now, I've seen lots of dancers at many, many pow-wows - Ronnie P. stands out for me. Will hopefully get a chance to check those moves again soon!
                      Last edited by oldagency; 01-05-2007, 11:57 AM.


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                        I'd hafta say that I am my favorite grass dancer...or Syd Rock...

                        Big Pauly, Anishinaabe Ogitchidaa Aanikoominodewiwin


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                          .."He wins my love, when I watch him dance.."


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                            ahhhhhh haaaaaa.... not just my own fav grassers but my lil one's too.......

                            no one in particular order

                            1.Dale Zorthian-Mtn Soul......dood kicks it and then some
                            2.Stuart Monin-Mtn Soul...he's just smooth...Soul Brodder..LOL
                            3.Andrew Windyboy Sr.....dang for a goldie he can jam! Both my lil one and I love to watch him dance....
                            4. Andrew Windyboy Jr....under-rated dancer...but we like his smooth moves....
                            5.of course mah nephew and lil one's bro...Eldon Owens, he's gonna be the one to watch once he's 18!!
                            6.Darrell Goodwill....genuine man, love his moves...
                            7.And can never forget mah lil one, Kai're my hero..... Keep it up!

                            Sooooooooooo many good dancers, but most of our choices is not just by how they dance but also what type of people they are. All these guys are good people in the community, powwow circuit, and good role models!
                            Last edited by Nezbah; 01-11-2007, 01:27 PM.
                            You have crossed my path, You will never be forgotten......

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