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  • bestest grassdance outfit

    who do u think has the bestest grass dance outfit and plus there beadwork 2

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    Randy Wood in Round Dance Blues has a unique yet tough outfit.

    Rusty Gillette has several matching sets with wicked beadwork.

    Lakota Clairmont and Brian Thunderhawk have the OG hook up.

    The Goodwill clan has always had their own kick butt style.

    Richard Street can mix and match with the best of'em.

    Well that's all I can think of for now. My own outfit is going to take a few more years to complete, it's gonna be revolutionary.
    Dance harder.


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      Randy Paskemin has some nice outfits and beadwork!!

      Wesley Windy Boy brought back the whole half and half thing in his new beadwork!! Looks pretty cool!

      Darnell Baker has nice beadwork!!


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      • Okwataga
        New outfit
        by Okwataga
        if you go to the cloth section of the gallery hopefully there are a few pictrues of Charlies new outfit made by fancystar

        hope everyone likes the outfit and the photos

        also a good close up of the beadwork is in the beadwork section

        check it out
        05-12-2003, 12:37 PM
      • tigger
        by tigger
        what kinda beadwork do you need for a nice outfit.

        12-12-2001, 09:32 AM
      • sunsign
        nicest outfit?
        by sunsign
        Who's got the nicest outfit/s out there?
        01-06-2003, 07:16 PM
      • ~+~Heya~+~
        Bad A$$ Outfits
        by ~+~Heya~+~
        Who do you think has the baddest outfits -n- beadwork?

        Or who is the one person that your always waiting to see what they're gonna be coming out with next?
        06-10-2003, 03:02 PM
      • notsocheese
        Who has the most beautiful beadwork out of all the southern ladies?
        by notsocheese
        Okay, we all know that Shayne Hughes has beautiful beadwork but who else do y'all think has prettiest beadwork in southern cloth? I liked Julia Noel's blue beadwork. There are alot of pretty one's out there is all I know!
        10-09-2003, 06:00 PM



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