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Who'z Your Favorite Trad Dancer In Pow-wow Land????

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  • Who'z Your Favorite Trad Dancer In Pow-wow Land????

    I was just wondering who your favorite trad dancers were?
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    my favorite Traditional Dancer

    Shra Grey I think That is how you spell his name.

    He can Dance & has a Good Personality
    (Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape)


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      One of the best Northern Traditional Dancers

      The best I have seen is Ray Blackwater and his brother Moses. They are from Canada and come down here to dance Golden Age.:)
      Take care of the Elders


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        There are a few tha I like to see:
        1.Bo Goins-Lumbee
        2.Troy Adkins-Chickahominy (my cousin)
        3.Doug Logan-Saponi
        4.Jason Evans-Halowa Saponi

        Not to sound arrogant, but I have had people tell me that they like to see me dance. I don't know though. These guys are some pretty tough company to be in but I love all of thes guys as my brothers and support them.:)
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          Terry Fiddler
          Brando Jack
          Terry Brockie
          Fred Fox
          Kevin Haywahe
          Jr LaPlante
          Nathan Smith
          and of course Tommy Christian


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            trad dancer

            1. Will Tushka (cherokee)
            2. R.C. Mowatt ( comanche)
            3. Michael Oxendine (Lumbee)
            4. Bo Goins (lumbee)


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              My Favorite Traditional Dancer would have to be:

              The Chief Kidd LittleSky :chief: Lakota Rida!!! OG Style!!!!

              MUSTANG STYLE!!
              It does not require many words to speak the truth.
              Chief Joseph


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                not too long ago, i was watching Osceola Red Shirt at a powwow and the drum sang a chicken dance. he did some cool stuff for that song, man. and aside from him, i'm still diggin on Haywahe


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                  My number one is of course my boy, David Spotted Eagle! He dances from his heart and does what is right. After him I love to watch John Scabby Robe and Terry Fiddler.


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                    In no particular order....

                    Kevin Haywahe

                    Ardell Scalplock

                    Donnie Rain

                    Nathan Largo


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                      My cousin's Donnie and Dougie Rain.


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                        Tim Jacobs


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                          One of my faves in this area is Mr. Gary Greene (Nez Perce). Gary really emphasizes the body language of the dance and puts his all into it. He has a graceful kind of "trot" to the way he dances. His son (looks like about 9yo?) dances just like he does. Gary is also reputed to be a very fine beader and roach maker. He is also the kitchen supervisor at the weekly elders' luncheon that my mom used to go to at the Leschi House in Seattle.

                          There is another local dancer - I can't think of his name - whose dance style is like a soaring bird. His regalia is fairly simple, usually red and white and NO headgear. OK, so the toilet brush he was using as a dancing stick 2yrs ago was a bit of a turn-off, but he has a very nice dancing stick now.

                          Bufflo Gal - I believe I saw one of the Blackwater brothers at the U. of W. powwow this weekend. He and Gary were both on the color guard for Grand Entry.

                          Rainwoman - Is John Scabby Robe singing with Blacklodge?
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                            I think so, at least he was in the fall. I will have to ask my boy, he was just up at White Swan to talk to him about his new bustle.


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                              I have too many.....

                              Nathan Largo :)

                              Does anyone know what he's doing these days??
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