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    Mitakuye oyasin

    For the last 10 years, I've always secured my roach with my warriors braid. Alas, got a haircut, no warriors braid or any braids for that matter. Need a link to resource(s) to adapt current roach to one with headband while I grow my mane back out.

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    you could always tie it with acouple of shoe strings


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      you could always tie it with acouple of shoe strings
      Yeah,...I usually don't post here, but I've been thinking about dancing Northern a time or two just to take a break from Straight. Anywho....thats what I do!

      I made up a leather spreader with "feather holsters" (sorry, brain dead right now....) made of leather as well. Imagine you are looking at it from above. I have two wholes punched inside the circumference of the my "feather hosters"...The shoe string will go in from the bottom, through, and back down so the two ends are hanging underneath the spreader. Now, punch two wholes on each side of your "feather holsters". Make sure your punched wholes on the outer edges are not too close to the edge....

      Now, there should be a total of 6 wholes punched going in a straight line from left to right. With your two shoe strings underneath, poke each end up through the nearest punched whole and back down to the outer whole. The result will give you the shoe laces down again....Here, you will only need to take a pair of needle nose pliers and poke them through the roach (particularly if you have a yarn based roach).

      Here, you should be able to see the roach coming together. Now, the purpose of the shoestring going in and out of the 6 wholes will provide not only support for your roach and spreader and that it will not slide as easily....but also, between the 3rd and 4th whole (inside the "feather holster"), you can put a sturdy fishing swivel in so that the feathers can be interchanged (that is if you have feathers w/ loops) and they can spin and flop to take away wind pressure.

      I think this in itself will get you started. Doing this should put enough ideas in your head to finish it however you want to make it more your own. If you need something specificly done (i.e. add another "holster", no looped feathers) and this won't work for you or your still having trouble, pop me a PM, send me an email at [email protected] or look me up AOL Instant Messenger under the name luvssosinging
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        Originally posted by alumphfres
        Mitakuye oyasin

        For the last 10 years, I've always secured my roach with my warriors braid. Alas, got a haircut, no warriors braid or any braids for that matter. Need a link to resource(s) to adapt current roach to one with headband while I grow my mane back out.

        You're going to laugh, but the old Ben Hunt book has diagrams for a headharness. Sorry, but I don't have the book or photocopies of it. Check the local library, they may have it. Also, look at some old photos, some people wore the head harness for a raoch in the late 1800s.

        Hoppe this helps.


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          I have that book, but my scanner is dead. Good stuff in there, regardless of the format and intent. Ill give a shot describing my own thougts here.

          One way you could do it, you could make a leather disc and sew a small loop that will fit through your "braid hole" make this loop just big enough that your roach/braid stick will fit snugly through the loop. You'll use this disc as the center piece for the harness.

          For the harness part, the first design that comes to mind is like the harness inside of a hard hat - I see somthing like this on grass dancers from time to time. You could cut out two long strips of leather and make a cross that is centered at the disc mentioned above. The ends of this cross would be sewn to a headband. Usually i see these guys have a beaded disc that they wear on their foreheads. You could loom some stuff for the harness as well.

          It's a fairly simple design, and i hope i explained it in a way thtat makes good sense.
          Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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            OK folks, this may be cheating, but it's a good source for the time being. Checkout this website:

            Look down on it and you will see something very similar to what I described. YOu may be able to modify the drawing to what you want.


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