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need help with fan/shield problem

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  • need help with fan/shield problem

    I've been putting my outfit together for about 2 years now and i'm just about through. My problem is i want to attach my fan to the back of my shield but have yet to think of an effective way to do so. The reason i want to do this is because I'm missing my left arm below the elbow and don't wont the obvious lack on the left side of my outfit. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    it depends on if ou fan is baded or not and if not s their leather wrapped around the fan handle? tell me this and i can try to answer your question
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      It's not beaded and as of right now it doesn't have leather around the handle.


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        ok what i suggest is try glueing the handle on to the back of the sheild i think hot glue would work. then, if you want twisted buckskin fringe then atach that on. 3rd, take your leather and glue it on to the fan blank were it is visible. suggest cutting fring on that leather to, this makes it more decerative. i hope this helps :)
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          well, if u have a turtle shield. do what he is saying except cut a small slot on the end of the shield that u want the fan to come out of. and tye it in with leather thongs(no not your girl friend's thong lol) and that way u can tie it in and then when u travel u can take it out. and the overall efect would be laying the fan in the shield like "putting the nail in the hole" and tying it down, i might can get a picture if u dont undertand it.
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            well i want to far off for being 14 lol
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              Originally posted by cherokee_grassdance9
              well i want to far off for being 14 lol
              huh? did i say something wrong?
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                no why
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