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  • another bustle question

    here goes another bustle question, I just wanted to get some information on how to attach my bustle to my belt?. does anybody have any ideas on this.

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    I use a bootlace and tie the bustle around the waist. I saw one guy who attached the belt directly to the bustle board, had the sides of the belt beaded, and just buckle the belt in the front. Unless you saw him getting dressed, the breastplate covered up the buckle.


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      I have seen many a bustle backboard attached to a belt (leather and beaded both) with three bolts or screws of some sort in a triangular pattern. I guess that was to keep it from rocking side to side. I'm thinking of trying something similar with my next bustle.
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        Thank for the info.
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          that is the way i want to do my bustle with the belt attached to the backboard. megwetch for the reply.


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