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  • mocassins

    Anybody got any ideas on how to make some ojibwa mocassins that have a firm sole? My mocs are soft sole & i would like to make them firmer soled.Thank you,to all who answer.

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    I certainly am no expert, but the only style mocs I know of that are specifically Ojibwe are the puckered-type soft sole. I guess you could get craft and make a pair, then cut out the bottom and replace it with a thicker rawhide (and have a 2-piece moc that looks like a 1-piece soft sole).

    Or you could just take the simple route and put a rawhide insert in to firm them up a bit, but this doesn't help with the wear on the bottom side.... Someone smarter than I will have to figure that issue out.

    Again I'm no expert, so I guess I'll wait and see what kind of responses you get too.
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      The "pucker toe" moccs are the way to go just as Andre suggests. In fact the Ojibway or Anishnabe (depending on what you want to use) were known for that particular stlye of moccasin as apposed to the straight center seemed moccs of other North East Tribes. And for general information the word "Chippewa" refers to the "Puckerd Toe."

      You have a few options to make your one piece moccs. One is try making them of a thicker leather. Instead of using a split hide look for a thicker hide of Elk. If you can get some thick Moose that would be even better. Also, a nice thick piece of Buffalo will work too. Yes the Eastern Tribes and South Eastern Tribes hunted the Great Buffalo. In fact there used to be two heards of the Great Buffalo - the West Herd and the Eastern Herd.

      Second, coat the bottom with some waterproof material. I use tratitional tar and pine pitch like the South East Tribes did. You can also use the ever wonderful "Shoo Goo."

      Third, you can also glue a think piece of latigo to the the bottom if you like. Make sure the outline is not easily seen and glue them really well with some more "Shoo Goo."

      My Eastern Center Seemed Moccs are made of a nice thick but pliable Buffalo. Then I covered the bottoms with layers of tar and pine pitch that also makes them even more thicker but still pliable and the most important it makes them completely waterproof!

      And last, use some nice foot inserts along with the above.

      So if you can try some of these and you will find the moccs to be very comfortable but also frim. You want have to worry about feeling every rock, twig, etc. Along with being firm they will also be pliabe (a very important factor) and waterproof.
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        thanx for the reply, you know exactly what i'm going through. I made and use the pucker toe mocs out of elk hide. but it seems that i can feel every rock, twig I certainly want to keep them pliable but traditional as well. I live in arizona and i find it a little difficult to get pine pitch/tar. What would be a good substitute for the afore mentioned items? like the shoo goo.


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          Shoe Goo and Goop

          Shoe Goo and Goop are great for a world of things. I have used both on shoes, leather, and practically everything around the house, barn, yard, etc.

          They are made by the same company. I don't see much difference in either but I am sure the chemical compsition is different.


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