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Inscreasing espenses of powwows/gas

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  • Inscreasing espenses of powwows/gas

    Anyone running into the brickwall of higher gasoline and new fees to watch and dance at powwows (like Oglala Fair which never used to have a "button" fee before)?

    Saw that at Pine Ridge this year. All dancers and singers and vendors inside cyclone fence and a $10 fee to see inside...a lot of people outside the fence watching.

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    I cant beleive some powwows still charge to get in. Especially Shakopee, as much money they make they dont need it. Maybe it goes into the pocket of a tribal member. But its only 5 bucks. Its bout time everyone just jump in one van and pitch in on gas money.
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      I don't think it would be too necessary that a pow wow should charge people to get in. It should be more of a deposit that should be charged instead of really giving away money and not knowing where it's going (Which makes me unhappy)
      Alot of places may charge at the gates for security reasons as well, but still proves ineffective in most cases since there is increasingly more gang activities occuring. I wonder how a deposit system would work - pay one hundred dollars, it's put into an envelope and put in a safe place - armored truck. At least you'd come to a powwow and enjoy, if you don't win you'll have a hundred bucks to come home with.


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        it is kinda crazee that you have to pay to watch your culture/traditions ... but hey what can you do? not go to pws that have an admission charge? ... but some pws do use the registration fee for the tiny tots which is good though...and some use the admission to pay for the venue but to pay to get into an outdoor pw - that's just wrong!!

        maybe pws committees are just getting "lazy" - don't jump on me either!! - let me explain. most are doing less and less fundraising and canvassing for donations from tribal governments/councils, big business, local businesses, etc. and relying on admission charges to meet prize bismarck this weekend $15 weekend pass...that's alot once you think about it - if you have to get a drum group in, thats at least $150 to get inside not including drummers families.

        lets face it we all love going to those big pws with the big prize money - some drumgroups don't even go to pws that have a first place of less $5000 or nowadays a $800 first place in adults pw is considered small - some dancers don't bother going to small pws because of the prize payout scale...
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