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  • That roach thing

    Does anyone in here know how to make and attach those decoraative peices that guys attach to the frotn of their roaches?
    I'd like to make one for my son but don't know how!
    If you don't know what I am talking about for sure lookin the gallery at the picture of Justus Cree, he's got one of them!

    Thanks, FancyStar
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    not sure but i have seen this on some of the pics on the GON webpage. was trying to figure this out myself


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      well, post it as soon as you find out, because i really want one of those, too.


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        Decorative pieces? Do you mean visors?


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          nope, it's a beaded piece. on the pic she's talking about (in the gallery, he has no visor) and the one the i saw (on the GON webpage on page 52 of last years pic.) it sits between the visor and the roach


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            I've noticed some fancy dancers wearing them also. In fact, Shane Zotigh has a very nice one in his picture in the fancy dance gallery. I think that is what you are talking about. They do look very nice.
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              but does anyone know how to make them


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                There's a really good picture of Justus Cree in the Powwow - Portraits of Native Americans calendar by Ben Marra. He's the picture for December. This is not the calendar with Brando Jack on the cover, but the other one by Ben Marra.

                I noticed these things a while back and have never really figured out how to make them. I wish I new how, because I think it makes quite a nice looking addition to the traditional clothes. Plus it might help my roach stand up a little more.


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                  from the looks of them they look like they could be made sorta like a crown.


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                    that's kinda what i was thinking. make a crown and attach it to a base that went under the roach (or between the roach and visor if you wear a visor). put a hole in the base so that the shoe string or scalp lock can go through it. this is just the way i've pictured it.


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                      roach crown

                      :D That's actually exactly what it is a crown. Justus Cree is a good friend of mine. he does have some kick azz beadwork his new crown for his new beadwork is pretty smooth. I like this one better. From what I hear It's exactly like making a crown but smaller but you have to give it sort of an angle because roaches don't really stand straight up.
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                        thanks dat1ndnguy. that's what i thought but i wasn't sure. but iadds alittle something to the look of the outfit. it's really smooth looking.


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                          i put a picture in the grass gallery awhile back (its called grass11 on page 3 of the gallery) of a guy who's got one on, too.
                          i agree that they add just a a cool extra little something.
                          i like 'em!


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                            It is called a crown. You bead it on canvas or crib sheet and then you sew it on at the base of the roach. I wear one and made one for Bow Goins.


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                              Hmmmm., Men Tradional wearing crowns , I thought we were warriors . !!!!! Oh yeah jingles too ?????


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