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  • Storytelling?????

    Whatever happened to telling a story of hunting or battle stories in the form of dance?

    No matter where you went in the past you would hear the M.C.s talk about the traditions of the male dancers acting out a story of their exploits in the battlefields or the hunt. Then the men would dance. This is how the warriors/hunters would relate what they did during that time.

    Nowadays, they just dance. No story. Just cool moves.

    I'm old school and prefer the old way of dancing.

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    Not so long ago, just before Native Pride ballcaps I think, you had to have a good reason to dance. You couldn't just be out there for nothing. You had to do certain things before you could get out there. It wasn't difficult to do and usually just took one morning to get it all done. They'd show you what to do and maybe tell a legend or two. It was a good time.

    Today I see some guys that just dance for the attention. They're out their expressing themselves and what I hear is "please look at me, make me important." I think that's where your storys went man.

    I like the old school too.
    Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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      I was raised by my grandparents so I prefer ol' skool too. It's true (and sad) that nowadays its all for attention & to show off.

      But Boss, I am working!!......on finding my next pow-wow that is!


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        When I went back to my hometown powwow in Southern Oregon, I saw and admired many of the men traditional dancers telling stories. I was lucky because my older uncle was sitting next to me, explaining some of the stories some of them were doing within their dancing. It was great to see. I know what you mean though; about seeing less and less of this continuation. The best thing I could compare it to is how a copier machine works. The first one is always the best quality; when you get to copy number 500 and beyond though, the writing or image becomes blurred...


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          Maybe if they told sexier storys?
          Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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            Excellent comparison with the copy machine! I couldn't have put it better. Well I just hope the younger generation realize the importance of the facts behind the dances. If not, boy oh boy, I dunno what to expect of the future?? And I dunno what to say about "sexier stories" *lol* Hmmmm....sexier hunting or war stories??

            But Boss, I am working!!......on finding my next pow-wow that is!


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