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    I'm constructing a new bustle and I'm having a really hard time finding any good feathers for it. I havent earned the right to use Eagle or hawk feathers, and all the turkey feathers I can find are only the common barred ones. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can find some good alternatives to the plain barred turkey feathers and the crappy dyed white ones. I'm not lookinng for Eagle substitutes like the painted ones, but something different like the cinnamon or narangasset turkey feathers.

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    I dont know about all the diffrent types of turkey so i dont know. But Noc bay offers grey goose wing tips.

    Idk might be a idea.


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      Feathers for a traditional bustle that are natural, decent size, and legal are turkey vulture wing feathers. I think you'll be happier with these more so than turkey feathers. The only problem is I don't know where to get them.


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        I believe that turkey vultures are protected under the MBTA:

        I've seen Spanish Black turkey wing feathers used on children's bustles. They are a natural solid black feather with an occasional bit of white mottling. They are shorter and curved, so you'll need to work them up carefully. I have used them in reproductions and they are better than most of painted alternatives.

        Lone Eagle crafts also have hybrid turkey feathers that look pretty close to small immature balds and they have Spanish Black turkey feathers (Their server is down right now, but as of 12/06 they were still in business.):

        Steve Eagles carried them. But I can find his wesite and haven't gotten a catalog from them in years, so I'm not sure if they are still around.

        There is also a seller on ebay who has Spanish Black feathers often and at a reasonable price:

        (BTW, I have never done business with him. So this is not an endorsement.)


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          I agree with OL,Spanish Black Turkey are really nice feathers for bustle work,but they can be pricey,especially if they are heavily mottled,sometimes up to 40 bucks A FEATHER depending on size and mottling.Turkey Vulture feathers are just as illegal to possess without paperwork as eagle,so be careful with those as well.Canada goose are good too,especially if it's from a large goose.I've seen some bustles made with a combo of goose and imits.if you find some good ones( or make some real nice imit. eagle feathers that are dyed instead of painted,so a decent combination of natural and imits,along with all the other little touches,could make for a kick azz bustle...good luck...and keep smilin'1


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            We used the Spanish black feathers on one of my son's bustles and it turned out really good. In the future we'll probably use the grey goose feathers..........they look really nice also.
            Here's a link to the photo of his bustle (hope it works!! if not, do a search under my sign in name (NancyJo) in the gallery and it should bring it up)


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              you may also want to look at this page.My husband has gotten some wonderful feathers from them.
              Sandy Yellow Eagle


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       is where I order my feathers from when I making stuff to sell. They have so many choices to choose from also. He's located in Indiana, I believe. His seconds are $6 per dozen and his firsts are $10 and $12 per dozen and they are very nice and clean too, ready to be used.


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                  Well I found this cruising ebay the other day.


                  Idk if thats what your looking for or anything, but somebody might want it.


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                    I actually did get those exact wings Tx Grass! I havent been on here for a while so i didnt see your post, but I checked it out and thats the auction I won! haha I think they'll make a nice looking bustle once I get them in. ANybody have any pointers on designs or any ideas ?


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                      Well look at other bustles in the gallery. Look at thier size the best ones are made for the dancer and the extenders are not too big. There are some people who but gigantic extenders on them and bustle sticks out 2 feet on either side. That would be my main piece of advice there.
                      If you want some pics to study I have a ton just pm me.


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