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    Does anyone have any ideas of where I can either purchase or trade for a roach - I have 2 boys that traditional dance - One is 6 foot 3inches tall and the other is about 4 foot tall - so I would need a adult male and a youth - thank you for your help

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    Well theres a few people on here who make them. Powwowbum makes some awsome roaches. I don't know what his wait is or when u need it by but he does awsome work You can check it out in the gallery.
    If you need one quick and you dont care about it being custom made for you then I believe most suppliers will have some. Like crazycrow, matoska and noc bay should all have some. I havent ever seen any from them so don't know the quality of work but you should be able to get one quicker from there then ordering a custom one.

    And then theres always ebay
    12" yellow
    21" rainbow
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      i wouldn't get ones off ebay.

      I got a new one recently from powwowbum. He does some of teh nicest work around, i would definetly save up for a roach from him.

      I paid 375 for a roach that was custom made, had 3 colors, was 22" long, and was 8 1/2 inches tall. some of teh best work out there, literally. His roaches are full. check em out at his gallery. and if you look in my gallery you'll see the roach he made for me. sweet.
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        Hello, just wanted to let you know I make roaches,any size any color, I have a 21'' white in/out and a 18'' white in
        /out. been making roaches for yrs. I'm from ft. peck rez.just E-mail for info. [email protected]


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          you can go yo and you'll find some good quality roaches (their not cheap) and i believe you can also go to and i think they sell them too.
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