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  • Mens Traditional Arm Cuffs

    Help - where do I find mens traditional dancer, upper arm cuffs -

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    Crazy Crow Trading Post: Largest line of Native American craft supplies & kits anywhere. Beads, leather, feathers, blankets, books- over 8000 items online.

    There are a few German Silver Armbands at crazy crow
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      You can find the silver armbands online like Rolling Thunder said at crazy crow, nocbay, ebay, etc. Not to mention most powwows.
      If you are looking for beaded ones. You'll have to ask around for someone to make you a set or you can do it yourself. Plenty of people around here will be more than happy to give you advice on the how to.
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        and if you seach ebay closely, you may find a pair of beaded arm bands too. (except they may not match your regalia. but it doesn't hurt to look. )
        "Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking."
        -Black Elk


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          A friend once made a pair from decorative brass toilet piping. It was ribbed with etching on it. preeeety cool.
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            Originally posted by billyjoejimbob View Post
            A friend once made a pair from decorative brass toilet piping. It was ribbed with etching on it. preeeety cool.
            My husband made a cooper pair from some cooper a friend brought him that was left over at his construction site. They look great.


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              Everyone about covered it.crazy,noc,bay and all that or you can do it the right way and make your never hurts to try an do it yourself and then buy um if you cnt do it


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                I made a quill pair for my son, but I had to back it with chamois because I didn't have any moose hide. I say some with the deer toes still on like a deers whole foot (but I didn't really like that, it lookes scary).


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                  I just use black velvet for mine, and bead them, But I use that plastic grid sheets you buy at walmart or craft shops for cross stitching, plastic canvas I think they are called. I use them inside of my cuffs and armbands, for stiffening, they are really flexible and work perfect for armbands.



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