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  • Roach Headdress

    Can someone help me with some instructions on how to make a Roach Headdress for my little boy – any help would be appreciated – thank you

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    Sent you an email. let me know.


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      received your email and sent you the instructions. Hope they help.


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        you can pm me if you have any questions.


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          i wouldn't ever make a roach.

          Too much work. LOL.

          I bought mine from powwowbum49.
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            look at crazy or


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              Connecting Feather to Spreader

              I recently completed my first roach and it's okay for a first attempt. I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect the feathers to my spreader. Any suggestions?



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                Originally posted by eagle wings View Post
                Can someone help me with some instructions on how to make a Roach Headdress for my little boy – any help would be appreciated – thank you
                Porky Roach Kit Instructions- How to Make a Porcupine Hair Roach

                Porky Roach Kit Instructions- How to Make a Porcupine Hair Roach

                Making of a Porky Roach Video- Porcupine Hair Roach Video- Porky Roach Video: Crazy Crow Trading Post

                Porcupine Hair Roach Kits - Porky Roach Craft Kits & Supplies- American Indian Head Dress: Crazy Crow Trading Post

                Porky Hair Roach Kit at Noc Bay Trading Company

                Matoska Trading Company - Video Tapes

                Porcupine Roach Kits

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                  Connecting Feathers to Spreader

                  Thanks Historian,

                  But I'm still not clear on how to connect the feathers to the spreader. All of the instructions show how to make the roach and the spreader but they don't address how to connect them. Any suggestions?



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                    what kind of spreader do you have? the one i have has over size tubes with a hole in the bottom on each which i thread a key chain glued into each of the shaft in my feathers and clip together on the bottom with the clip for the key chain this let them spend around hope this helps


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                      Mine has a tube with a wire coming out of it- you gotta crimp the wire a little and feather slides right on.

                      I have also seen guys use swivels to clip the feather onto the spreader.


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                        Thanks guys I think I understand how its done. Let me try of a couple of your suggestions and see how things work out.

                        Thanks again.


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