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  • What do you think?

    What do you think of the way the dance and the outfits have evolved in the last 10 - 20 years? What do you see for the future?

    You always see trends on the trail. Otter breast plates were a fashion statement once, then beaded vests (still are to a point), today's outfits are being made of shiny appliqued material that is very eye catching (not to mention light weight). What trends do you see staying, going, coming back?

    I noticed watching the webcast of Morongo when they did the old school versus contemporary dancers dancing side by side how different the same dance can be between champions from different era's. Seeing someone like Terry Fidler tearin it up old school style next to Nathan Largo who was tearin it up contemporary style was a real treat.
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami

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    i see old style coming back in everything. the old style bustles are coming back. I see more old style contest, and even "old" style singing is coming back. I remember about ten years ago, i was singing with a group. we sang straight style and everyone was singin contemp. Ted Phelps (lead singer for eagle mountain) told me, "just keep singing, old style is gonna come back!" Now, look, str8 style is back and beatin' out contemp. I'm happy to see it. all the flash and hoppin' around all over like a crazy man, just isn't that cool to me. (only my opinion)


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      When money started to become involved in powwows, especialy contest powwows, the outfits got bigger brighter and more flashy. I think that as long as there are contests and money to be won, I think people will continue with the more flashy eye catching outfits.

      I agree that the oldstyle is comming back more. Even I ditched my big bustles, and started using my small round bustle more.

      as far as future trends go, i dont know, i sorta like things the way they are now, a decent balance between modern day, and old style. but like you siad, things come and go, maybe one day all these switch dances will become the norm lol, and men will be wearing fancey shawl, and women will be wearing bustles.

      I wouldn't mind seeing more clown dancers though, laughter was always a important part of our cultures.
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        Well I don't like the clothing of the past 20 years. Way too much flash and way too much man made materials like rayon, polyester, and other bad blends. We need to get back to pure wool trade cloth, silk trade cloth, cotton trade cloth and better yet good old brain tanned hides.

        I mean how can you say you are traditinal and "the old way" and have aprons (not traditional ), a shirt, leggins and more made of shiney rayon or the like with a modern design that you got at some local fabric store? You should have a real breachcloth made of trade cloth or buckskin.

        And if you wear a cloth shirt find the pattern of trade goods from before the 20th Century - better yet find trade goods with patterns before 1860 (not impossible at all to find).

        I do like the move to smaller bustles, smaller roaches and roaches with one color again instead of rainbow and such. I would like to see more of a move to less hand items - I mean we saw some at Gathering with 4 or more hand items - what was with that?


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