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    Originally posted by Summer_Rain View Post
    Hi Guys, Honestly... I was Worn Out from working on it so hard before Christmas. I presented it to him, but I had to finish adding some "fluffs" and attaching the belt. So next weekend, Im Going to post the completed work.. I would also appreciate it any of you can give me feedback on how to finish it off once I post the pictures.

    Again, thank ALL of you for helping me through my "First" Bustle"!! ...

    **p.s. My Fiance' Loved it!
    Glad to hear!!! LOok forward to seeing some pictures of it!!
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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      anish bustle...

      Anishtradish, tight bustle! Not flashy, or anything just a nice tight, bustle...can't ask for anymore than that!


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        The way I figure it, we spent all our time making fancy hats and bags - the bustle just never took off as early as it could have.

        p.s. Never say never - Anishtradish has some photos of Minnesota Ojibwe holding bustles (in his gallery) that pre-date WWII.

        I'm waiting for skunk garters to come back!

        Originally posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
        I like the size of the inner bustle. It's the perfect size for me. I don't really like putting on extensions.

        I'm more of a humble dancer. Actually, I prefer to dance without one, but within the minds of people, particularly the judges, bigger is gooder. Any northern dancer without a bustle is not looked at during contest. Sad isn't it - especially amongst the Great Lakes people. We never wore bustles until the late 50's/early sixties.

        I better shut up. I'm too old school.
        Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


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          Pictures of the Finished Bustle

          Guys, I have to be honest.... I just really finished the bustle in the last month or so. Since this Christmas, I was in the process of moving and honestly.. .I just found the time to finish the bustle. (Also, we just got high speed internet in the area I now live in so, I was finally able to upload the picture) However, here's the finish product:
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            A trick to straightening the feathers

            I used to crimp my spikes when I fancy danced. I used my fingernails and they got sore. You could hide the crimp marks under the hackles. I don't crimp my northern traditional Eagle bustles, I don't like the way crimping looks on eagle feathers. So here's what I do.
            Get a couple of thin, wide boards. 1"x10" or 1"x12" cut to a 2' length are perfect.
            Use a cotton setting on the iron. TURN OFF THE STEAM.
            Test the setting on a couple of feathers that you don't mind ruining to test the heat (all irons aren't the same), and start with the inside of the quill, heat the quill, turn the feather over and run the iron on the outside of the quill.
            Put the straightened feather between the 2 boards until it cools. The feather will not spring back.
            Get another feather to work on.
            Repeat process.
            You can also use the iron to flatten out the feather barbs if they're flared.
            Don't be scared, that's why you use some test feathers.
            Try it, it works.


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