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  • spottedeagle
    Summer Rain, maybe you could give us a little help, are you using a base that you bought or are you following directions from a book like the N. Tradish Dancer by Scott Evans. Or did you make your own base. There are so many different variations of bases and the way bustles are strung up is why I am asking. I have made a couple bustles and made each one completely different. My son's I used a Nocbay base I bought that is plywood. My bustle I used Latigo and made my own base. Depending on the type of base you are using and the way it is made, there could be several different ways of putting it together.

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  • Summer_Rain
    Thank You So Much!

    I greatly appreciate it, the pictures are Wonderful!
    So am I correct in saying that the two ends of the hanger that stick out from the other side actually poke upward, so that I can post the two Top Feathers?

    And is there any way you can show me a picture (close up) of how you begin to thread the feathers onto the wood/leather (I was using a piece of wood instead of the piece of leather). I think thats the part that really "stumping" me? How to begin to thread the feathers onto the board? I see that there is a second layer of threading around the middle of the feathers, but Im confused about how to lay the feather across the bottom (up against the board/wood)?

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  • spottedeagle
    Those feathers are going to make a killer little bustle for a young one!!!!

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  • anishtradish
    I will try to explain how I do it.

    I got my backboard, whatever material I use, ussualy thick cowhide, and I use a thick wire clothes hanger, and I bend it up, and tie it to the back, and have the the two ends sticking out of the front end of the backboard.

    I just happen to be making a small kids bustle atm, so I will post pics of it as I go. Ussualy the two wires you got hooked on the backboard, is where you will end up hooking the feathers on to. You string all your feathers up, fasten them down to the bustle board, then attach each strand of feathers, to thier wire, or I ususaly put spikes on my wires, then tie the feathers to those. Pretty much, your whole bustle set of feathers are seperate, strung up, and you just attach them to the 2 main spikes, so they hang from them, then at the base of the feathers where they are strung together, u can attach them to the backboard as well.

    Heres a few pictures, maybe these will help.

    then one of my big bustles, here I just used fishing swivels, so I can detatch them from the spikes, and transport the bustle folded up.

    I hope this helps, I will add some more pics tonight or tomarrow when I finish wraping the feathers and get them all strung up, gonna be a small round bustle.

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  • Summer_Rain
    started a topic Need Help with Bustle Back

    Need Help with Bustle Back

    I am completing a bustle (for the first time) for my Fiance'. However Im having a difficult time understanding the instructions on how to attach the feathers to the board. Would some one be willing to send me a Close-Up Pictures of the back (Where the wire hanger is) ... I really wanted to have it completed by christmas (hhahaaa)?

    If you like I can supply you with my email address so that you can send me pictures if you have any

    Please Oh Please.. I could really use some help

    Thank you!

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    by sunbursthonor
    hey guys,
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