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  • staighten my feathers

    hey i have one question i am working on a new bustle for northern traditional but i have no clue how to straighten the feathers from the kit. my first was a hand me down that a guy gave to me and told me i could have it if i repaired it but now i dont like it because i didnt have much to do with makeing it so now i want my own but these feathers just wont straighten i tryed holding it up to a light bulb but that didnt work so now im about to put them in a taning bed lol but not before i post this and see what you guys have to say also what do i use to paint them?

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    This thread probally got lost in the shuffle with the holidays is why no one posted in it. There are a number of ways to straighten feathers. If you have a little patience and look through some of the older threads there is tons of information to be found.

    Straightening feathers. The easiest for a lot of people is to the quills. Another easy method is crimping the quills. And there is the lightbulb method, just make sure you wear shades. Turkey feathers have a very exagerated bend to them, especially one coming from a kit.

    As far as painting some cheap feathers and practice a lot using Oil color paint that is thinned down with paint thinner. You are going to have to experiment with the thickness of your paint as well as different brushes and techniques if you want to make anything that looks anything remotely like a real eagle or hawk feather.
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      I have had a great deal of luck with an iron on high. I was able to control the bend time allowing for a stright feather everytime.


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        thanks the iron sounds good i can handle an iron but man the light buld was just to slow. do you put the feather on an ironing board or something else?


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          Feather straightening

          Sorry, I should have included more. I use a regular ironing board with the iron on high and run the iron along the shaft slowly straightening the feather. I have tried the light bulb and it was annoying. After the feather is as I like it, I placed them between two boards and cloths for the night to press them and hold them straight with some weight on them. I am sure there may be other ways, but I have have great luck doing it this way. Pratice on an old feather and once you get the feel it is rather cool to watch the bow disapear. Hope this helps.


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            sounds the easiest and safest without burning my eyes but i will have to try that


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              Great, let me know how they turned out or send me a picture.


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                well i had a buddy of mine turn me on to this website that has 3 dozen imatianion eagles for $20 and i think this is what im going to go with because the kits dont really give you enough material so it will be a while and plus i can order as many as i want and dont have to worrie about how many i have plus it will be easier to match them to my set because another 3 dozen would give me a full matching feather set other then what im working with now which is a mix match or random feathers.... so it will be a while before i get a pic up so bear with me ......
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                  Hope my info helped. I will be startng on another bustle soon so I appreciate the time to build one. Pow-wow season starts here next month. Dance strong my firend.


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                    Originally posted by owlsong View Post
                    Hope my info helped. I will be startng on another bustle soon so I appreciate the time to build one. Pow-wow season starts here next month. Dance strong my firend.
                    thanks i tryed it today and it worked really well i got it really straight and it took no time at all. hope you do well in danceing and any questions i have i will send them to you the fist big thing i have comeing up this year is in march so i hopw i have it done by then but my bigest this year is in october with my tribe so i hope to dance stong....
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