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Need help with a new traditional bustle

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  • Need help with a new traditional bustle

    Anyone know how to make a traditional bustle?? I would like help on how to put one together. Thanks alot!!

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    here we go again to make a bustle assemble it by the intructions...... this forum has been on here many many times also their is a forum under the fancy dance catagory that goes over different technies and options of how to make them but really with mine if you take out the string at the bottom its really nothing more then a string of feathers but what makes it round is the string that pulls them together and then tied to the back board i wish i could go in depth more but im not sure what you dealing with weather a kit or other...... so post a little more info and look in the other forums and post back


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      Danceman may have come across a little abrasively in his post. Although he did actually answer it.
      We have had a lot of discussions recently as well as in the past on bustle construction. If you look at the bottom of the lists of threads you will see a box that says something like view threads for the last week. click the arrow and change it to the last year or back further. There are a lot of good tips in those threads. You can also look in the craft forum and do the same thing.

      Sometimes members grow tired of posting the same response in thread after thread discussing the same topic(s)

      You can pic up a copy of the northern tradish book that has directions in it. If you go to Native American Indian Quality Craft Supplies at Noc Bay Trading Company and look in their learning circle they also have written instructions on things like extending feathers, straightening feathers. All have some good tips. No one can tell you the perfect way to make something, because we have all developed tricks that fit us as individuals but we can give you suggestions that may help you. However we do need some basic information. What type of bustle are you making...nest, swing, etc.

      Look back through the archives and the old posts and if you get stuck feel free to post a thread here and we'll see if we can help you out
      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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        Thx spotted eagle I will look into that!! Equa wado ale donadagohvi( thanks alot and I'll see ya later)


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          sorry i read that again and it did sound a little abrasive... id be happy to help with any tips and tricks i know but i was just telling you to look in old threads ............


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            hey spotted i have a question do you know of any guides or images that could help me get that star pattern into the wrapping of my feathers.... i really love this pattern but dont think i could do it without a really good closeup or guide...


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              thats ok danceman thx for your help!! wado


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