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  • head roach for tradish outfit

    Trying to find out how to hook up a roach for a little northern traditional dancer, but have never done it before. We are using latigo for the spreader and two medicine bottles for the feathers, now what is an easy way to get it done? with details. The boy is only 2 years old so he still has short braids, but the roach should last him a

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    With short braids it might be better to use laces, some people perfer shoe laces others prefer a buckskin lace. I'll pull out my speaded and take some pics so you can see. I have it set up so I can switch back and forth.
    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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      head roach for a little guy

      Actually, I was just wondering how to attach the feathers and then to the roach but I think its going to work thanks for reply


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        Sorry I took so long to reply. I took a top and bottom shot so you could hopefully see everything.

        To attach the sockets I put the when I wanted them and used a pencil to lightly trace around them, these are 35mm film canisters. Then I used a pencil to lightly trace around them. Using an hole punch with a small hole I punched 4 small holes diagonal from one another then ran sinew through them to secure the sockets to the spreader. Before securing the sockets I put holes in the bottom of the sockets and also drilled a hole through the spreader. This is how I secure my feathers. I punched a couple small holes to run the lace through, right behind the first socket. Behind this I drilled a hole to run a braid through. Then I have my second socket. At the end of the spreaded I have 2 holes. I run a lace I have tied onto my roach through these holes and tie it when I put my spreader onto my roach.
        If I not attaching my roach with a braid I will run the lace through the hole in the roach. If I am using a braid I take the lace off the spreader.
        As you can see in the bottom view I beveled the edge of the spreader to keep from messing up the inner roar of deer hair on my roach.

        As far as attaching my feathers...I cut a small V shape in the quill about 1/2" - 3/4" from where I trimmed the bottom. I tied some sinew onto a fairly good sized barrel fishing swivel (the kind without the clasp or cut the clasp off) and ran the sinew up through the quill and out the V. Then I wrapped the sinew around the quill several times before tying it off and coating the sinew with super glue. For the other end of the swivel I braided a couple pieces of sinew together, then tied one end to the swivel coating the knot with super glue. The other end I made sure was long enough to feed through the spreader and tie off, then melted the ends of the sinew with a lighter. When i attach my feathers to my spreader I feed them through the hole in the socket and the spreader and tie the front string to the back string. I just hide it all under the spreader when I attach it to my roach.

        Hope all that makes sense. If you have any questions please ask and I'll try to clean them up
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        The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
        -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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          That was as clear as mud, just better than nothing, just kidding!! Will try it right now, Pilamaya-


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            When we are finished we will have the dancer on for the duck n' dive


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