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    Originally posted by lilbigwoman View Post
    you can jest put the baby powder on 'em anytime. be sure to shake 'em really good if you babypowder 'em up before you pow wow...otherwise you'll have a big 'ol white spot on your head...speaking from experience...
    *ROFL* I can imagine that, Skeri!

    Hmm...never bothered to check but do baby powder come in hypoallergenic?
    Bead All You Can Bead


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      Originally posted by ac_miss View Post
      *ROFL* I can imagine that, Skeri!

      Hmm...never bothered to check but do baby powder come in hypoallergenic?
      *shrugs shoulders* I dunno...I don't have kids...I jest know it makes my plumes all fluffy and smell sweet


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        woolite works wonders

        I wouldn't use any soaps with color in them unless they were darker feathers, but I wouldn't trust any soap unless it was clear for white feathers.

        I wonder is anyone has ever tried oxi-clean LOL


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          I used a similar process with the soap and the hair dryer - feathers (not plumes) came out nice and shiny. I didn't have Woolite so I used Johnson's Baby Wash instead.


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            I wonder is anyone has ever tried oxi-clean LOL[/QUOTE]

            I HAVE...doesn't really work as good as wool lite tho...


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              Miigwetch to all

              Miigwetch to all. The dish soap was not strong enough and the Woolite was not either but what did work was soaking them in Oxyclean for about an hour in hot/warm water. There was most likely 10 years of nicotine on these feathers so something had to work hard to remove these stains. The prize under the stain was worth the effort and the feathers look great again.

              Chi miigwetch to all of you for your suggestions.


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                Originally posted by WhoMe View Post
                Hey eap!

                How was your powwow? Did you meet Adair? Small world huh?
                Yep Adair was on the committee with us 2nd semester when she got back from her internship. The dance went well even though we had to move it inside at the last minute due to rain!


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