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    i was told that red roaches were only for the firstborn males is that true? i don't wear a roach with my regalia and i never have so i don't know much about them. i'm certain that the colors represent something i just don't know what.
    ~Iyunka Wanbli
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    never heard that one before. Must be a tribe specific thing.


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      thanks that's what i thought too. who knows someone may have just made that up lol.thanks again
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        Originally posted by iyunkcawanbli View Post
        thanks that's what i thought too. who knows someone may have just made that up lol.thanks again
        If you're talking Sioux, which I take you are by your screen-name, then I've never heard of that before. The original roaches had red deer hair on them. Different colored-roaches is a relatively new thing.
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          yeah i was talking sioux, and i would say by your name you are too. I could live off of wojapi! lol. i had never heard the thing about the roaches before. thought i would check with another source and be sure. thanks
          Toksa A'ke
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            i have herald this about broadcloth{straight dancers} but never roaches it seams i remember that red roaches were wore by someone that killed a enemy in battle where the others worn white ones
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              Red roaches do have tribal/region specific meaning to tribes who have a history of wearing them.

              To tribes and individuals who have adopted powwow, this is not the case.
              Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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