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  • dancing to fast

    Hi I am having some trouble and wondering if you guys can help maybe with some tips.. About a 3 to 4 months ago I broke my pelvis.. And ever sense then people have been telling me I have been dancing a bit to fast.. I dont know why but I feel like I am dancing right.. But just seems werid.. And before i broke my pelvis I was dancing perfect everyone said.. Anyway you guys can give me some tips.. on what I should try.. Thanks (wado)
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    When you have a surgery that can impact your fine motor skills (such as walking) the road to recovery can be tricky. I'm sure you were put in some sort of therapy (I would hope) that helped you cope and walk well again... However sometimes this therapy will make your muscles compensate for weaker muscles, so you may feel your walking perfect, and straight, however your body could be moving awkwardly.

    I've had troubles with both my knees in the past, and therapy although its helped my walking, has really hurt my dancing, last time I went out for a chicken dance, my muscles where so trained on keeping me up straight, that I looked like a stiff legged moron.

    It does change some things, however, in time, you and your body will eventually adjust (I'm not competiing using a chicken dance again! but perhaps one day you will)

    Wish you the best.
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      Yes I do think you are right.. Because when I first start dancing I get like this bubble feeling in my hips and after I start dancing and warming up.. it seems to go away.. So I think I just need to train myself again.. and practice slowly.. Thank you for info.. (wado)
      "Do not judge a man unless you have walked two moons in his moccasins."


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