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How to make a shield.

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  • How to make a shield.

    I am wanting to make shield for my Outfit.. I was looking at the kit from crazy crow. But I am not wanting to have one that big.. I am wondering how everyone is making theres.. Thanks.. (wado)
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    Rawhide stretched over a wooden hoop? is what it is...


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      Originally posted by Highwolf89 View Post
      I am wanting to make shield for my Outfit.. I was looking at the kit from crazy crow. But I am not wanting to have one that big.. I am wondering how everyone is making theres.. Thanks.. (wado)
      so , cut it down !!!
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        My sheild is not Trad. but many people do like my sheild but mine is 1/4 thick ply wood with carpet pading glued to the back with a marine corp logo patteren glued to hidethe pad, then attached two leather straps for handles. I messured my arm then cut the wood to a perfect cirle the length I desired. Add ribbion and paint now I have what I have. Like I said its not trad. so I dont brag about it but like I said it looks good andhas just as much meaningto me.
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          I've made a few shields for myself and others and find it pretty easy. I use a metal hoop for the form and soak a rawhide hand drum head in water until soft. I then make slits around the edge of the hide and weave rawhide lacing through. Draw the lacing tight and bend the hoop slightly if you want to add some curve to the shield. Once everything dries, it will remain hard and you can draw or paint directly on the hide.


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