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  • Experiences in Native dancing

    Hi all :-) My name is Nehamea. My family and I an just starting out in the native dancing. I was wondering in anyone would be willing to share their stories and experiences in the native dances. I would help me to hear others experiences and feelings. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you. Nehamea

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    Since nobody has yet to stand up and bite the bullet, I will.

    I've been dancing 28 years - Started in a diaper lined breachcloth and no shirt. Eventually moved on to leggings and a ribbon shirt, got rid of the diaper lined breach when I was about 6...

    I've made many life long friends, and a few enemies that used to be best friends.... The powwow circle is just like life. Some parts good, some parts bad, but the feeling that you belong is priceless.

    If your family is just starting out you'll be approached by hobbiests that seem friendly and seem like they have you best interest at heart... but they don't.

    Just remember, if it seems like your hanging out with the oddball... You are.

    If your in a state outside of ohio/indiana/tenn/flordia this might not be an issue. (forgot about arkansas, some good ones outthere, lol)

    But as for experiences as a family - Its by far the best thing you can do for your family, besides always scrounging for gas money, food money, and avoiding food poisoning from bad committee dinners, its pretty good.

    If your in the Michigan/Indiana area, lemme know, we've always got room at our campsite, unless your shaman feels you'd be better off bunking with him (LAWL)

    happy trails (are left on happy ndn women)

    Good luck!
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