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  • Stolen Regalia

    I just found this:

    Men's Traditional Outfit - Trading Post

    This regalia is stolen. As you can see by the pics in my profile. My former 'best friend' is the one who currently has possession of it.

    I'm also calling the feds first thing in the morning.
    AIM: GlacierESteffan
    Yahoo: low_rdr
    ICQ: 45338941
    MSN: [email protected]

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    Wish you and your friend luck in getting the regalia back. I wouldn't let the person know that you know it's stolen though.


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      The regalia itself has been returned - However my roach, uncle's dance stick, my hoop, fan, and all my feathers are gone.

      I've contacted the proper authorities and given the evidence I have. All I can hope is that the two who were involved are prosecuted. I've already seen some of my feathers and know of some of the people who have received them. I have little hope of getting any of them back. My best guess is that they were sold. I'd actually been offered over $500 for my fan more than once, so I'm sure that they were sold.

      I've contacted my distant relatives, some of which have pledged birds for my new regalia. I will be retiring this one, and saving it for my children.

      There were feathers and objects with my regalia that did not belong to me- 5 tail feathers belonging to my children, one of whom has passed away - A dance staff with an eagles foot on it. I am unaware if my families pipe was in one of my boxes or not, as I have not been able to contact my father.

      I can only hope not - I know that our families staff is with my father, I pray the pipe is as well. - Our families shield (made in the 50's) is still with me, but all of our feathers are gone.

      I had 3 boxes full of feathers, plumes, secondaries - I had 1 box full of just hawk feathers.

      But my families feathers and my childrens feathers I will seek until my passing.

      Thank you to those who have passed on good words to me about my regalia. I am hoping that one day these feathers will find there way back to me.

      AIM: GlacierESteffan
      Yahoo: low_rdr
      ICQ: 45338941
      MSN: [email protected]


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